The FUSE [Franklin Urban Sports & Entertainment] District is located in the heart of downtown Gastonia, NC. As a strategic component for economic development in the region, CaroMont Health Park will accommodate baseball, soccer, lacrosse, football, and other civic events. The overall footprint reserved for sports programming has been compressed in an envelope that is as small as possible to create development pads with clear lines of sight to the playing field surface. Multi-family housing, a flagship hotel, restaurants, and commercial retail and office will infill the site on the development pads to create a thriving entertainment district. The proximity of the FUSE District to existing surrounding neighborhoods creates local workforce opportunities within blocks of the site. Construction began October 2019 and was completed March of 2021. Opening Day: May 27, 2021.

Pendulum conducted a study for a new 88-unit residential building adjacent to the site of a minor league ballpark [a recent Pendulum renovation project]. We designed a below-grade level parking garage, premium outdoor features facing the ballpark such as an infinity pool and cabana seating, and top-level penthouse suites with 2 spacious bedrooms and bathrooms. Our concept would house players as well as local fans for an unparalleled experience in this new, revitalized urban ballpark neighborhood - the ultimate entertainment district.

Our goal is to disrupt the stadia marketplace in food service, technology, seating, and operations. We are hereby challenging the market with a group of like minded companies that are equipped to meet market demands with a forward thinking approach to solving common stadia sales, sponsorship, and operational issues. The Small Big Idea in Future Stadia is a collaboration of Pendulum - a thought leader in stadia design, PrismView - a technology giant with offerings in digital display, point of sale systems, and communications; SPS Technology - an innovator in flexible seating bowl solutions, Camatic - a leader in fixed armchair seating with unparalleled flexibility, Port Fonda - a game changer in progressive approaches to food service and stadia hospitality, and finally, Seda - with the only solution for automated retractable bowl technology.

Our design approach is flexible and modular. Instead of flooding the market with an unrealistically expensive one size fits all or cookie cutter offering our design is efficient, scalable, and economically sustainable. Please use your computer mouse or your finger on your smart device to navigate our virtual model. Click the hotspots to see featured areas throughout the facility prototype that highlight our thoughts on food service, seating, and technology. Please also see our video at the lower portion of your page for a more in brief summary of our thoughts about the future of the marketplace.

While many ballparks are built for the primary purpose of playing baseball, this facility incorporates technology that encourages multi-use. We embraced the natural topography of this historic site (Expo 67 Island) in a way that pays homage to the signature architecture that surrounds it. The building massing has been manipulated to preserve views across the bay in both directions without sacrificing the intended use and functionality of each component.

The incorporation of design features that include video walls, a fully equipped sound stage, expansive pedestrian concourses with clear views to the downtown business district, breezeways at the upper levels that look back to iconic architecture, and pedestrian plazas and walking trails with lake access demands that this facility be regarded as more than just a ballpark; instead it has been designed to be an important public asset, a true community green space.

The Kansas City Royals made a major impact on the Kansas City landscape with their first World Series title since 1985. Downtown Kansas City was the epicenter of excitement as fans packed streets, bars, and restaurants across the metro to celebrate the big win. The streets echoed the chant Lets Go Roy-als for hours, creating a level of emotional muscle memory that has many in the Kansas City business community longing for more.

A group of like minded Kansas City based business owners decided to put their heads together and answer the question what if the Royals were downtown? To be clear, no-one asked our opinion on this subject, but if they did, we think theres a compelling story to tell, and that story should speak to the past, present, and future Kansas City.

There are few organizations that have as rich a baseball history as the Atlanta Braves. The Braves have consistently demonstrated their ability to operate ahead of the curve when it comes to the traditional sports business model. Our design of Cool Today Park appropriately compliments the Braves passion for delivering an experience for their fans that is unparalleled in baseball.

Cool Today Park is more than just a ballpark, it is an eighty acre sports campus that consists of 55,000 square feet of major and minor league clubhouses, 15,000 square feet of team training spaces, four full size practice fields, an agility training surface larger than a football field, indoor weight training, nutrition center, maintenance facilities, and player dormitories. The 6,000 seat, 8,500 capacity ballpark portion of the campus features state-of-the-art amenities, diverse food options, unique seating neighborhoods, and spacious pedestrian concourses - 80% of which are protected from the Florida sun and daily rain showers by large roofs and overhangs. The aforementioned program is complemented by an expanse of press facilities, premium spaces, and semi-premium seating options with room for future expansion.

Our design celebrates the Braves rich history by honoring baseball hall of famers in larger than life imagery on strategic building facades. Weve borrowed elements from SunTrust Park (Atlanta Braves Major League ballpark in Cobb County, GA) such as outfield wall dimensions, the Below The Chop hospitality area in right field, and several other amenities that allow athletes on the field and patrons in the stands to feel connected to SunTrust Park even while attending games in North Port.

Pendulum was selected by the City of Hartford to lead the design effort of the new Eastern League Class AA ballpark for the relocated New Britain Rock Cats. Located at the intersection of Main and Turnbull, the ballpark serves as an anchor tenant and catalyst for $360M of proposed new development that will include housing, retail, and commercial uses. The design effort was focused on innovative solutions appropriate for an expanding urban core. Dunkin Donuts Park was designed to provide the City of Hartford with the spark needed to create a long-desired bridge across the interstate to tie together the northern and southern extremes of downtown enhancing the opportunity to attract increased density in the form of urban residential units, commercial, and retail enterprise. Pendulum, after completion of predevelopment services, expanded the design team to include The SLAM Collaborative, Newman Architects and additional consultant firms to bring the project from concept to reality. The result is more than just a ballpark, Dunkin Donuts Park is a community gathering space and a welcoming people place, in an open perimeter that sits comfortably within the neighborhood.

The Auto Space is a thirty-two thousand square foot premium environment for the automotive enthusiasts. With fifty (50) parking spaces and fifteen (15) private garages, this development is the perfect destination for automotive clubs, cars and coffee events, educational automotive workshops, automotive detailing, and premium vehicle customization. With the added social amenities that include private conference room, catering kitchen, and premium bar, and outdoor terrace, the Auto Space is the complete package for the car and driver.

Big Top Baseball, the team owner and tenant of Capital Credit Union Park, has relied on the vision and technical expertise of Pendulum to develop forward thinking concepts for several of their ballpark properties in Wisconsin. The last fifteen years have been an ongoing conversation about unique ideas, quirky additions, and small renovations of underutilized municipal fields. Capital Credit Union Park represents Pendulums first opportunity as a collective team to embark on a new build from the ground up. Big Top Baseball and the Village of Ashwaubenon, WI agreed upon a financing plan to build this new 2,500 seat, 5,000 capacity ballpark located on an existing Village owned parcel adjacent to the municipal office complex.

Capital Credit Union Park illustrates the power of long-term relationships with team owners and our ability to look beyond obvious more expensive solutions with the goal of meeting the financial constraints of our client. As an economic development project this facility will enhance the lives of the community, inject pedestrian energy into a municipal block of land that was dominated by an industrial fee, and raise the Village of Ashwaubenons profile as a forward thinking municipal entity with their fingers on the pulse of what their citizens want.

The Schumacher Residence is a three bedroom single family home that has been labeled by its owners their forever home. With an extended family at the center of the owners lives, our design revolves around open space that encourages views out toward nature, family gathering spaces for formal and casual dining, and general entertainment.

An additional passion for the couple, with a thriving automotive customization business, is ample storage for their personal collection of automobiles. With space for six vehicles on two separate levels, there will be no shortage of garage for storage and even servicing since one of the bays has been designed to accommodate a vertical lift. The couple tragically lost their previous home on this site to a fire, however the pool and detached automotive workshop were preserved. The pool shown in the rendered views illustrate the integration of new home around existing elements.

Wyco Vintage is a boutique retail storefront located just outside of the Westport neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri. The owners specialize in the collection and sale of rare vintage t-shirts, premium sneakers and urban collectibles. Although they already owned a storefront in nearby Merriam, Kansas and a thriving e-commerce site, Pat Klima (Wyco Vintage founder) had a vision for a strategically placed new storefront in the urban core. Klima and Pendulums Jonathan Cole met through mutual friend Nancy (GM, Port Fonda) and immediately recognized their shared passion for clean lines and crisp details. The initial conversation lead to several more discussions, then a design charrette, and before long Pat found the perfect location for the new Wyco Vintage storefront.

Good things come in small packages the old adage goes. The new Wyco Vintage storefront is no exception, the usable interior space is roughly 800 square feet. At the time of Pat taking over the lease it was being used as fabric shop. The existing wood veneer floors were in great shape, and the walls and ceilings were not too bad either. However, to accomplish the crisp New York boutique style that Pat was going for Pendulum would need to maximize the available floor space and design a way to organize inventory on the walls without looking cluttered. In addition to square footage constraints the project needed to be completed fast fourteen (14) days from the start of construction to finish!

Pendulum collaborated with Dale Frommelt of Fab+ and Pascal Meya of Meya Metalworks once again to transform the design concept into built reality. Frommelt engineered and fabricated the floating backlit wall panels and elevated display pedestal. Meya fabricated custom metal hanger rods and shoe pegs, while Cole sourced materials, painted custom assemblies and managed the installation sequencing. The finished product is a testament to their collaborative spirit, attention to detail and passion for delivering design that exceeds clients expectations.

8183 Studio is a commercial photography studio that specializes in advertising. The building the owners purchased the space to accommodate their new studio that was formerly a cell phone data center; for lack of a better term, it was a bunker. In many ways the bunker-like characteristics of the building with wide open spaces, relatively clean wall surfaces and limited openings accommodates the new intended use quite well.

The biggest design challenge involved a few key elements and are listed as follows. 1) Transform a fairly nondescript building interior into an environment that encourages daily work comfort, administratively speaking. The idea of working in a building with limited-to no windows is the opposite of what wed normally design. 2) Accommodate the owners need for an extremely flexible open work space for photography. The interior of the building at the shooting floor level is primarily a working set that needs to be adaptable for the constant moving in and out of props, set designs, etc. 3) The actual operational side of the business had a very specific set of requirements that we seamlessly integrated into the overall design with the thought of avoiding visual clutter.

Pendulums design solution suits the needs of the clients operations while almost perfectly aligning with who the husband/wife team are as people. During our very first meeting, they described their style as timeless modern with a few quirks. We took that theme and embellished upon it by making the most of what was already there in raw concrete flooring that we simply cleaned up and polished, as well as general wall surfaces that we painted with a neutral color palette. The added partitions that created private office spaces were arranged in a way that allowed glass partitions to face the common space thus encouraging a welcoming team environment and a mobile staff.

The St. Regis Apartments is a historic building originally constructed in the early 1900s. Originally a hotel, the building was noted by the Kansas City Star in 1914 as the most conspicuous building on the skyline. At that time Kansas City was experience a population boom. The new parks and boulevards system was offering new routes leading to the development of new parts of the city to the south of the old city center. Property values along these boulevards had increased between 200 and 500 percent as developers replaced mansions with more dense multi-family apartment hotels offering luxury amenities and services, according to the Historic Register nomination for the St. Regis. The St. Regis has fallen victim to disrepair with the changing times and economy over the years. Pendulum has been commissioned to restore the building to its prior glory but this time in the form of elderly housing. The client, Millennia Development Group, has been awarded Historic Tax Credits to complete the project - currently schedule for January 2022.

Julep is a self described local watering hole that has built a reputation in the Kansas City marketplace as "curators of fine whiskey and hand-crafted cocktails, administrators of delicious fare, and custodians of unequaled hospitality. As the hospitality industry has been substantially impacted by the global pandemic, restaurant owners and operators are exploring unique ways to host patrons while socially distancing. Pendulums design of a new exterior patio that expands the interior lounge to the outdoors under the cover of operable glass windows is an elegant solution to the current common design challenge.

Pendulum conducted a study for a new 88-unit residential building adjacent to the site of a minor league ballpark [a recent Pendulum renovation project]. We designed a below-grade level parking garage, premium outdoor features facing the ballpark such as an infinity pool and cabana seating, and top-level penthouse suites with 2 spacious bedrooms and bathrooms. Our concept would house players as well as local fans for an unparalleled experience in this new, revitalized urban ballpark neighborhood - the ultimate entertainment district.

The Buck ONeil Education and Research Center project is the renovation of a historic YMCA building located in the 18th and Vine Jazz District just east of Downtown Kansas City, MO. Pendulum was retained by the City of Kansas City to design an iconic vertical transportation core that includes stairs, elevators, and storage to accommodate expanded use of the building for commercial office on the upper four floors as well as a private event space in the basement. In collaboration with the current owner of the building Mr. Ollie Gates and the Negro League Baseball Museum, Pendulums vision for the building was to reflect the personality of Mr. ONeil; he was a beacon of light in the community, his personality and positivity infected everyone that had the privilege of interacting with him.

The perforated metal panels used in the exterior skin allows sunlight to penetrate and cast shadows on the concrete structure supports behind them by day. By night the panels allow light to penetrate in reverse creating that beacon symbolized by Mr. ONeil as a reminder that his impact on Kansas City and all of baseball world wide will always be with us.

The Detroit Police Athletic League is a non-profit organization that provides inner city youths between the ages of 4 to 19 with an opportunity to learn through athletics, and develop the confidence and motivation to achieve excellence in life. PAL's athletics programming includes baseball, basketball, cheer, football, golf, soccer, softball, T-ball, track & field, and volleyball. Approximately two years ago Detroit PAL strategically aligned with The Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy (OTSC) who's mission is to promote the sustainable redevelopment of the Old Tiger Stadium Site and revitalize the Corktown district of Detroit (corner of Michigan & Trumbull). Pendulum was selected to redevelop the historic Tiger Stadium site into a place for local youth to receive health and wellness training from the Detroit Police Athletic League.

This site in particular was the subject of major debate because the original stadium was demolished years ago. The only remnant of history left on site was the playing field surface itself and the flagpole that still stood in the field of play just inside the outfield wall.Pendulum worked to establish the required Detroit PAL program which ultimately ended up being a 22k square foot headquarters with a second floor banquet facility, youth locker rooms, and a flexible artificial turf playing field. Aside from the project being the first major redevelopment in the Corktown community since the rapid decline of the city of Detroit during the 2007 economic downturn, this project represents an incredible exercise in community support for the advancement of inner city youth. The former Detroit PAL headquarters was located only five blocks north of the redevelopment site. This state of the art facility has legitimately put Detroit PAL on the map as a major player in the philanthropic community.

After years of deterioration, the wall surrounding the substation was in desperate need of repair. KCP&L's decision to repair the existing wall was eclipsed by a vision to replace the wall with a new design that would reflect the Crossroads' artistic community spirit, enhance the surrounding area and provide an attractive connection to the 18th and Vine District.

The design wraps the substation in weathered steel and white concrete that has the illusion of illumination in the dark. Seizing the opportunity to create an iconic symbol of longevity in the neighborhood, an "eyebrow" of weathered-steel panels wrap around the upper facade of white concrete that periodically makes an appearance from the rust colored panels. Once the sun sets, over 10 thousand LED lights powered by 115 solar panels bring an exciting illumination to the city block.

Named as the top 200 best photographers in the world, Lindsey and Linden Wade sought to relocate their photography space to an old abandoned metal warehouse. The four parcel purchase included an attached brick warehouse that Pendulum converted to an event space featuring a seven foot chandelier. A beer garden featuring one of the only green spaces in the East Crossroads dawns a party tent as needed to adjacent parking.

The design reflects the era of the 1920's using Edison light bulbs, subway tile and tin metal cornices. The exposed brick, exposed barrel vault and custom metal stairs with copper tread trimming adds a nice balance between old and new. Reclaimed hardwood ceilings from a barn and kitchen island and bathroom sinks from the floor of a Harley Davidson Motorcycle plant speak to the inherent sustainable approach to design.

The new ballpark in Utica, MI located at the corner of Auburn and Moscone Drive will be the first of several new ballparks for an emerging professional baseball league developed by General Sports Entertainment. Pendulum was selected to design the first ballpark as a prototype for new markets as they develop. While there will be similarities in program and scope the "big idea" is to allow site and context to govern design which will create the individually unique character that Pendulum designs are known for.

The Phoenix Awards Executive Committee selected Jimmy Johns Field as its 2017 Phoenix Award Winner for Community Impact brownfield redevelopment project, as well as voted the 2017 Peoples Choice Award.

The Phoenix Awards recognize exemplary brownfield redevelopment and revitalization projects that offer a fresh take on significant environmental issues, show innovation and demonstrate positive community impact. A brownfield is an abandoned, idled, or underused industrial or commercial facility in which redevelopment is burdened by real or potential environmental contamination.

Formerly, the site of Jimmy Johns Field was an unregulated landfill for household waste that had to have significant environmental remediation done. Today, the $15 million, independent league ballpark is breaking attendance records as an area fan favorite and vital economic driver.

Luther Williams Field is a 75 year old historic ballpark located in Macon, GA - approximately an hour outside of Atlanta, GA. The ballpark has a rich history hosted teams and events including the Atlanta Braves MiLB team, the now defunct Southeast League Macon Music, as well as serving as the film set for the critically acclaimed motion picture 42 that chronicled the life of Jackie Robinson during his MLB debut.

Although Luther Williams Field has enjoyed the aforementioned success over they years, the City of Macon has struggled to retain tenants because the facility infrastructure is too old to accommodate the evolving baseball patron demographic. The days of patrons attending games to simply watch the game are long gone. Modern baseball, especially at the MiLB level is keenly focused on affordable family entertainment, so it is very apparent that more fixed armchair seats is needed at current facilities to encourage the long-term economic sustainability of the tenant/team.

After several collaborative sessions with City of Macon leadership we were able to determine a path for moving forward with a $2.5M investment in semi-premium amenities and facility infrastructure with the goal of luring fans to the facility and then encouraging them to come back for more. The renovation included the following:

Although the budget associated with the project was modest when compared to the scope of work required to resurrect the facility AND recover from damages suffered from a recent storm, we are confident that the Macon Bacon (tenant) and the City of Macon (Owner) will enjoyed many years of success as a result of this renovation.

In addition to infrastructure, Pendulum also assisted in the development of way finding and brand integration that respects the history of the facility while celebrating local business/sponsors, and creating an exciting and energetic atmosphere for visiting patrons.

Pendulum was approached by Brewery Emperial owners and long-time Kansas City brew masters and beer enthusiasts Keith and Julie Thompson to help realize their dream of opening a brewery in the Crossroads Arts District. The chosen site at 19th Street and Oak consisted of a small existing building (approx. 2,500 sf) that alone could not accommodate the brewhouse, kitchen, dining room and support spaces required by the project scope. Keith presented the idea of adding the pre-manufactured steel building to the existing structure and in turn our collaborative design allowed space for the brewhouse equipment and all beer-related program in the addition.

Keith and Julie partnered with Ted Habiger, chef- owner of local brasseries Room 39, to develop the food and beverage offerings. Keith and Ted first met at the beginning of their respective service industry professions at 75th Street Brewery in Waldo, Kansas City. With the limited interior dining space, we knew incorporating some outdoor patio dining space would be essential. Pendulum specified the use of shipping containers for storage, brewing operations and a perimeter barrier for the spacious outdoor dining area and lounge. Teds main priority was realizing a custom- built wood-fired grill centrally located in the kitchen space and a chefs counter that would allow patrons a personal dining experience. Since its opening in late 2016, Brewery Emperial has consistently been a top local destination known for high quality craft beer, delicious food and great atmosphere.

Although AutoZone Park has been recognized as one of the most picturesque and classic ballparks in all of Minor League Baseball since its inaugural season in April of 2,000, a recent change in ownership and shifts in the ever evolving baseball business model warranted a second look at its amenities. Pendulum was appointed by the St. Louis Cardinals to lead the effort in modernizing the premium and semi-premium offerings internal to the ballpark with hopes of maintaining the allegiance of long-term patrons and attracting interest of a growing community of young professionals. The ideas and concepts that are the product of the initial discussions with the Cardinals have been game changing. We removed approximately 3,500 seats from he seating bowl and replaced them with group areas, grass seating berm and hospitality structures. We removed 12 of the existing 40 premium suites and repurposed the space in the form of a large premium club behind home plate with views to the playing field surface, a billiards lounge down the right field line, on site team administration offices relocated from off-site rental property to the third base line, and an outfield BBQ zone. In addition new digital ribbon boards were added throughout the facility to enhance the visual excitement of the seating bowl. All of the work (design and construction) was completed during the off-season.

This project is an adaptive reuse of an industrial building located in the redeveloping East Crossroads District of Downtown Kansas City MO. The owners of the building are automotive and motorcycle enthusiasts so it seemed appropriate for this 5000 square foot former transmission repair shop be transformed into an office space that is as much about work as it is about creativity and play; an interchange of ideas that involve outer beauty and inner complexity. Many of the materials featured on the vertical surfaces of the interior space where repurposed from structural beams and walking surfaces of the original construction. There is an abundance of custom steel and glass work throughout the project that serve as a physical separator without heavy visual obstruction. The openness of the design and the raw appearance of the repurposed materials makes the interior space feel authentic not overdone. The Owners personality permeates every surface of the building and makes each space feel like a different aspect of homewith an abundance of public, semi-private and private spaces.

Holly Springs Park is the newest addition to the Coastal Plains League repertoire. The ballpark is one component of an overall master plan that includes soccer fields, tennis courts, a miracle field, public hospitality, as well as a future indoor gymnasium. The ballpark is sited to maximize pedestrian interaction along Main Street while fostering the potential for future commercial/retail development at the street edge. The focus of our design inside the secure lines is affordable family fun with an emphasis on comfort. The expansive roof design will protect patrons from direct exposure to the elements and create opportunities for the facility to be used during non baseball events for farmer's markets and other civic activities.

Much like the guilds of past eras, the Guild Kansas City was designed to be a hub of creativity and a place for local artists, musicians and builders to gather, work and play. The latest venue in the Crossroads Art District was created with the intention of channeling like-minded creatives and encouraging collaboration and partnerships across artisan trades.

Located on the east edge of the renowned art district, The Guild is a unique historic event space that includes an outdoor garden, large open spaces and catering kitchen. Pendulum provided design and construction services, in which they carefully renovated the histroic structure, while introducting reclaimed wood and steel materials to compliment the space in a way that radiates a distinct vintage charm.

Time Warner Cable Field was originally constructed in 1995 during an era of Minor League ballparks that were primarily geared toward compliance with minimum National Association standards. Although this strategy provided a safe and comfortable destination for enjoying America's favorite pastime, shifts in the traditional business model over the past 17 years has presented quite a few challenges for most teams operating in facilities built prior to late 1990's. A few of these key challenges include:

Pendulum was commissioned by the Grand Chute Sports Authority to not only solve the aforementioned challenged but more importantly to look ahead to the future of baseball operations and establish where the market is going rather than simply where it is right now.

This rooftop hospitality building is located on the uppermost floor of the Cosentino's Market parking garage at the corner of 14th and Main directly adjacent to the Jones Pool. The building program consists of four water closets, three urinals, six lavatories, a drinking fountain, and a small storage area.

The purpose of this building is to allow the City to serve patrons that desire to eat lunch or walk and enjoy the sun during the work week. During the evening hours and on weekends when the weather is favorable, wedding receptions and civic events can be hosted on the rooftop comfortable accommodating up to 600 patrons.

Although the City required a conventional "brick & mortar" delivery method, Pendulum learned valuable lessons from this project. Given the right circumstances the implementation of a prefabricated "off-grid" delivery method would allow the installation of an identical building for approximately half the budget and in half the construction time.

The East Village Apartment building is the first phase of a master planned ten block redevelopment of downtown Kansas City, Missouri. This fifty-unit, four-story residential building was designed to compliment the neighboring Power & Light Entertainment District and accommodate Kansas City metro citizens who desire to live and work within the urban core.

As the master architect for the development, Pendulum was instrumental in the creation of design standards and development guidelines for the Urban Redevelopment District (URD) approved by the City of Kansas City Planning and Zoning Commission.

After the Beacon Hill neighborhood was strained by the impact of the recession, redevelopment efforts gained new life with the returned strength of the housing market. Pendulum was commissioned to design two new homes to help fill the blight of the community.

Targeted to young professionals, the pair of houses are located adjacent to each other and display similar approaches to massing and materials. Due to the unique forward sloping site the street level entry only accommodates pedestrian entry access. A large concrete planter box adjacent to the front entry encourages gardening and creates privacy for the front bedroom window. All three bedrooms are located on the street level floor with two full baths. Scaling the stairs to the upper level is where the kitchen, dining, living and balcony give opportunity for a view shed to downtown Kansas City. The garage is accessed from the alley on the second floor. The second floor ceiling follows the vault of the gable roof pitch of one house and single shed pitch of the other. Exterior hardy and cedar siding display efforts to simplify materials and consider economy. These spec homes demonstrate an alternative design approach to traditional housing of the surrounding communities and attempt to redefine the identity of Beacon Hill through its creative look at the built environment.

The McAllen TX Baseball Complex is located at the developing northern edge of McAllen TX approximately 45 minutes outside of South Padre Island, right along the Mexico border. The facility program consists of 16 fields with an array of field dimensions to accommodate youth sport and adult organized play. The facility is equipped with patron amenities that include concessions, restrooms, shade structures, meeting rooms, in addition to public outdoor amenities such as walking trails, playgrounds, and water features.

The Swope South Health Clinic is a 5,000 square foot tenant improvement of an abandoned strip mall located at 87th and Troost in Kansas City, Missouri. The scope of the project included selective demolition of existing partitions, cooking equipment, and finishes that would be replaced by exam rooms, community meeting space, and administrative offices.

This project is an example of Pendulum's ability to deliver a turn-key, fast-tracked solution that included general design, interior finishes, FF&E selection and procurement, custom fabrication, and construction management. The total scope of the work was completed in just under four months.

Due to the fact that Pendulum used Building Information Modeling (BIM) as the primary document delivery method, all physical assets within the building envelope are currently being managed by Pendulum using Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM).

Bethany Medical Clinic located in Wyandotte County Kansas is a collaboration between Swope Health Systems and the Kansas University Medical Center. The intent of the facility is to serve the public while offering hands-on training for budding medical students.

Pendulum was commissioned to transform an existing 10,000 square foot floor plate into a state of the art clinic with a refreshing and vibrant look and feel. In addition to general architectural services, Pendulum worked in the capacity of construction manager/developer, coordinating all aspects of construction and delivery from start to finish.

East Village is a new residential/mixed-use neighborhood located at the northeast corner of the downtown loop in Kansas City, Missouri. Swope Community Builders retained Pendulum to design an urban master plan aimed at revitalizing this nine-block area currently dominated by surface parking lots.

The $57 million East Patrol Division/Crime Lab police campus provides modern facilities for police officers, while giving them the opportunity to better investigate crime. The goal for the design of the campus is to integrate the facilities into the surrounding neighborhood and encourage a positive identity for the KCPD.

The building and site is designed to meet KCMO best practices and a U.S. Green Building LEED Gold Rating. It features a police station, multi-purpose building, a state-of-the-art crime lab, and a property and evidence repository. The centralized location in the urban core at Prospect Avenue and 27thStreet serves as a redevelopment catalyst for the surrounding neighborhood.

Athletic Park was originally constructed around 1912 and has been updated with minor renovations over the last twenty years. Pendulum was retained by the Wisconsin Woodchuck's Owner, Mark MacDonald to design the first major renovation in the parks' long history. His selection of Pendulum was based on their unique pro-forma based design approach and expertise in seating inventory, fan comfort, and revenue generating ideas.

Phase one of the project will focus on a total reconstruction of the seating bowl behind home plate, a new street facing facade with curb appeal, and the preservation of the existing historic granite perimeter wall. In contrast to the current cramped bench seating that is riddled by line-of-sight obstructed views to the playing field surface, the new design will provide more spacious rows equipped with fixed armchair seats. Dugout club group seating will also be provided at the field level.

Pendulum was commissioned to design this multi-purpose ballpark on a twenty-two acre parcel of the Heartland Community College campus. The facility is home to the Heartland baseball, softball, and soccer teams in addition to the Frontier League Normal Professional Baseball Club. The artificial turf playing field surface and removable pitching mound contributes to the multi-purpose character of the facility. Concerts, high school football, and community-oriented events are also welcomed.

The facility program includes concourse level luxury suites, 4,500 fixed armchair seats, and room for 3,000 patrons in the wrap-around grass berm. The large entry canopy behind home plate fosters the feel of a food court at the major entry node that also features an unobstructed view to the action on the playing field as patrons walk through the entry gates.

In June 2013 after months, if not years of anticipation, the new Bakersfield Blaze Owners unveiled plans for a privately financed $28,000,000 ballpark that would be the first-phase centerpiece of a proposed 350,000 square-foot retail development named the Bakersfield Commons located at the intersection of Coffee and Brimhall Roads in Bakersfield, CA. Pendulum was selected amongst formidable nationally recognized competition to lead the design efforts on the project. Pendulum's expertise in design from an Owner/Operator's perspective with a foundation in pro-forma and revenue generating ides was the key differentiating factor.

When Pendulum was selected by the Bullfrogs to design the new ballpark, the first order of business was choosing a great site. Although there were a number of sites in consideration, when we arrived at this tiny six acre brownfield parcel in downtown Green Bay, WI we knew our search was over. The site is bordered by the Fox River to the East, a 200-foot wide river inlet to the North, and Mason Street bridge to the south. The ballpark design focuses on "right-sizing" the facility to maximize natural site amenities including views to the Fox River and the downtown skyline from inside the ballpark.

This home incorporates sustainable design features in a very long and narrow footprint within the urban core. With the ultimate goal of long-term economic sustainability for the home and neighborhood we worked with the existing topography of the site to incorporate (1.) exterior landscaping (lavender plants and switch grasses) that serve as a private barrier providing a pathway to the back portion of the property. (2.) At the eastern end of the site, existing oak trees that provide lush greenery and shade, promoting private natural backyard comfort. In contrast, the modern gable at the front/street facade was chosen as a contextual statement that compliments the existing and historic topology in the neighborhood. It was designed to extrude out beyond the primary facade to define semi-private exterior space that encourages casual visits by neighbors and conversations on our modern interpretation of the common "stoop" or "porch".

The primary building structure consist of Structural Insulated Panels (SIP), which will provide higher effective thermal resistance. In addition, the SIPs will provide lower air infiltration allowing the HVAC system to run more efficiently. The height of the roof enables Skylights to provide pockets of light on the north side of the home while solar panels have been incorporated in the design to provide an alternate energy source. The primary exterior finish will be low maintenance and will act as a rain screen capturing rainwater stored on site and pumped back into the home for future use.

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