crusher bucket | excavator attachment | big volume
 | epiroc

crusher bucket | excavator attachment | big volume | epiroc

Weights apply to standard carriers only. Any variances must be agreed with Epiroc and/or the carrer manufacturer prior to attachment. Attachment with average-sized adapter plate. Drainage line required

A concrete rock crusher bucket can handle all types of inert material such as asphalt, stone and concrete debris as well as mine and quarry material

On-site crushing with our jaw crushers requires less mechanical equipment, less transportation and dumpsite cost, as well as only one operator who handles the demolition tool as well as the bucket crusher. Low maintenance and high performance paired with great usability.

crusher bucket for excavators - mb crusher

crusher bucket for excavators - mb crusher

Perfect for on-site crushing of inert materials and the first one of its kind to be introduced on the market, the MB Crusher Bucket is a piece of equipment that works by taking advantage of the hydraulic system of the excavators, skid loader, loader and backhoe loaders to which it is fitted.

It has many areas of applications: from building demolitions in general, to the requalification of former industrial and urban areas to the processing of excavation materials, from the earth movement sector to road works, from quarries to mines, from environmental reclamation to applications on rocky soil.

screening bucket for excavators, loaders and backhoe loaders - mb crusher

screening bucket for excavators, loaders and backhoe loaders - mb crusher

Perfect for the selection of natural materials, both before and after the crushing phase, the MB-S screening buckets reduce crushing times by up to 60%, consequently allowing you to salvage materials suited to the type of job being carried out and to manage them in the best way possible.

sieving buckets, excavator bucket, crusher bucket | rock tools attachments, llc

sieving buckets, excavator bucket, crusher bucket | rock tools attachments, llc

Our sieving bucket enables you to dig, sieve and separate materials including soil, slag, and demolition waste. The sieve size can be changed enabling materials to be sized. Our sieve buckets hydraulically shake fine materials through interchangeable screens; an improvement to the traditional skeleton bucket or shaker bucket.More specifications.

Our robust excavator jaw crushers process natural rock or recycling materials into usable material. The compact crusher bucket connects to your excavator in minutes. With its versatility, the crusher bucket will keep overall costs down. More specifications.

We offer both rotary and basket screening buckets. Our screening buckets can be used for pipelines, demolition, top soil and recycling applications. These versatile attachments quickly remove oversized contaminates allowing for onsite recycling of material for use as backfill.More specifications.

Our rotary crusher bucket performs two functions: crushing and screening. This outstanding versatile tool exceeds the expectations of comparative jaw crushers in most applications. The Rock Tools Attachments bucket excels in processing biowaste, mixed materials, rock, concrete, and stone. More specifications.

Our sieving bucket enables you to dig, sieve and separate materials including soil, slag, and demolition waste. The sieve size can be changed enabling materials to be sized. Our sieve buckets hydraulically shake fine materials through interchangeable screens; an improvement to the traditional skeleton bucket or shaker bucket.

Our robust excavator jaw crushers process natural rock or recycling materials into usable material. The compact crusher bucket connects to your excavator in minutes. With its versatility, the crusher bucket will keep overall costs down.

We offer both rotary and basket screening buckets. Our screening buckets can be used for pipelines, demolition, top soil and recycling applications. These versatile attachments quickly remove oversized contaminates allowing for onsite recycling of material for use as backfill.

Our rotary crusher bucket performs two functions: crushing and screening. This outstanding versatile tool exceeds the expectations of comparative jaw crushers in most applications. The Rock Tools Attachments bucket excels in processing biowaste, mixed materials, rock, concrete, and stone.

Disclaimer: All information provided on Rock Tools Attachments Web sites are subject to change without notice, including the availability of products and services. While efforts have been made to make Rock Tools Attachments Web sites helpful and accurate, due to the open nature of sites, and the potential for errors in the storage and transmission of digital information, Rock Tools Attachments does not warrant the accuracy of information obtained from any Rock Tools Attachments Web site.

guide to bucket crusher hydraulic attachments - construction & demolition recycling

guide to bucket crusher hydraulic attachments - construction & demolition recycling

Bucket crusher hydraulic attachments increase the versatility of carriers and can help make efficient work of handling and processing concrete debris, rubble, masonry, asphalt, natural stone and rock. They allow operators to process upwards of 100 tons of material per hour while requiring less on-site equipment, less transportation and reduced dumpsite costs.

A bucket crusher is composed of a small jaw crusher mounted on a carrier. The most common setup features a bucket with a fixed bottom and one moving jaw that crushes the material against it. An eccentric element mounted on an axle and rotated by a hydraulic motor moves the jaw.

Contractors use bucket crusher attachments to crush material into right-sized piecesfrom three-quarters of an inch up to 6 inchesand reuse it as backfill at the site or transport it for use elsewhere.

On building sites, operators frequently crush excavated stone so the subsequent aggregate can be used for construction. In quarries and gravel pits, contractors often use these attachments to crush boulders after prescreening and small amounts of soft stones. Demolition contractors rely on these tools to make quick work of processing materials generated on-site without the need for standalone crushers.

Whatever the application, the bucket crusher attachment provides a cost-effective alternative to transporting large pieces of material to a dumpsite or recycling yard. While a bucket crusher is generally not a replacement for a portable rock crusher, it can serve as an alternative to a traditional crusher in confined areas, such as worksites in urban areas.

Bucket crusher attachments are available in a variety of sizes. To select the right size of bucket crusher for the application, contractors should first determine the size of the carrier that will be used with the attachment to assure it does not exceed the carriers capacity.

To select an appropriately sized crusher, a few things need to be determined: the size of the material that will be crushed, how much material needs to be crushed and the existing pieces of equipment in an operators fleet.

Professionals should select a crusher with a drive system robust enough to generate the proper torque for the application. They should also look for crushers that have a reverse function to keep material from jamming the equipment; buckets with sliding plates that help guide material to the crushing jaw to help increase throughput; and a system that allows for quick material grain size adjustment to increase uptime.

In general, contractors should seek a bucket crusher attachment with high-output performance, excellent usability and low maintenance needs. As with all heavy equipment, contractors should rely on established manufacturers with a dedicated support staff so that any issues can be quickly remedied.

When operating the bucket crusher, safety is paramount. Operators should only use the attachment when the carrier is in place and stable. Before starting the bucket crusher, operators should always ensure that the attachment is complete, the bucket crusher and adapter plate do not have any cracks and the hydraulic line connections arent leaking.

Once a perimeter is secured and the carrier is in place, a functional test should be performed before putting the attachment to use. During this test, its important to assure all hydraulic lines and connections are tight and that the bucket crusher works as intended. To do this, the operator should load the crusher with material and gradually size it until the maximum number of revolutions has been reached. Should there be a blockage of material during testing, the bucket crusher should be stopped and reversed. Operators should never try to remove jammed obstacles manually, as this can lead to serious injury. If the jaws are still blocked, the operator can rotate the bucket crusher to help clear the blockage.

Prior to each shift, operators should examine the crusher and adapter plate for cracks and deformations. Operators should also check the transmission housing and hydraulic lines and motors for leaks and damage. All connections should be tightened to spec. If the plugs on the shaft-pulleys show any signs of wear or damage, or if the conditioner of the tensioner system or wedges and jaws is suspect, immediate service is required.

The fixing screws of the wedges and the bolts and fixing screws of the tensioner system should be examined and tightened as needed during the first 50 hours of operation. While there is no replacement for daily monitoring, observing the manufacturers recommended service intervals can help preserve the life of the equipment and maintain its performance.

Common preventative maintenance on these systems includes checking the oil filter cartridge and replacing it when necessary. Maintenance technicians should also be mindful to replace jaw wedge fixing screws, damaged hoses, and bent and damaged pipes as needed. Finally, operators should check and/or replace lubricant and control block seals based on intervals recommended by the manufacturer; however, extreme changes in temperature can expedite the need for service.

While the right bucket crusher hydraulic attachment can efficiently handle a variety of materials, it is vital for contractors to find the right fit for their individual needs and emphasize regular maintenance to get the most out of their investment. By doing their research, speaking with manufacturers and testing out equipment, contractors can take the right steps toward maximizing their processing capacity while cutting down on transportation costs in the process.

Large-scale commercial demolition projects and building teardowns often lend themselves to straightforward recycling opportunities for contractors. High-volume materials, like concrete and wood, and high-value materials, like metal, are systematically cherrypicked from sites and subsequently recycled. But what happens when a demolition contractor generates materials that arent easily processed through traditional recycling methods? That was the challenge facing the team at South Gate, California-based Interior Removal Specialist (IRS) Demo as its business picked up steam over a decade ago. Looking for a better way to divert interior debris from landfill and meet local recycling ordinances, the IRS team decided to start its own recycling business, Construction & Demolition Recycling Inc. (CDR Inc.), which received its first solid waste facility permit in 2007.

We didnt have a choice if we wanted to meet the requirements of cities like Santa Monica and Pasadena that had a 50-percent diversion mandate for these demolition jobs at the time, says Richard Ludt, the director of environmental affairs for CDR Inc. The only thing we could do was start a facility that targeted the materials we were hauling.

CDR Inc.s seven-acre processing facility is headed up by Ludt and Vicky Herrera, the companys corporate officer and field operations manager. It is the only construction and demolition (C&D) facility in California that solely recycles tenant improvement demolition debris.

While the facility is permitted to take in 3,000 tons per day (TPD) at full capacity, Ludt says the company is only processing between 250-300 TPD currently. However, he expects that to change soon. CDR Inc. recently obtained hauler permits in many of its surrounding cities that will allow it to better serve the C&D management needs of area contractors. With these permits in place, Ludt says the facility is poised to increase its incoming tonnage.

We have broken away from being a recycling facility that just serves one customer, Ludt says. We have become a fully independent facility with our own dumpster rental, hauling and collection operations.

Though the composition of its incoming material stream fluctuates, CDR Inc. presently enjoys a 79 percent diversion rate. The facility diversion breakdown averages are as follows: 27 percent drywall, 14 percent metals, 13 percent wood, 10 percent carpet, 9 percent concrete, 4 percent ceiling tiles and 1 percent each of cardboard and salvaged/donated items. Only 21 percent of outgoing material is trash or contaminated material.

To process its recyclables, CDR Inc. relies on a portable sort line from the Qubec-based Sherbrooke OEM and a trommel from Crystal Lake, Illinois-based Tuffman Equipment. Ludt says CDR Inc. favors a more low-tech approach via manual sorting to avoid crushing incoming drywall, which accounts for the largest percentage of its incoming material. However, Ludt says CDR Inc. is presently weighing the benefits of adding new equipment to better sort its incoming cardboard, plastics and glass.

Were very lucky in California that the soil needs gypsum. Were shipping 1,200 tons of gypsum every month to farmers to use in [agriculture], so that takes care of 30 percent of our inbound material right there, Ludt says. Most of the wood were getting is going to waste-to-energy use because almost all of it is manufactured lumber, although we do donate the small percentage of dimensional lumber we do get from public loads to various beneficial reuse projects. Were also very fortunate in that a lot of the carpet we get is carpet tile. Because we have the ability to keep it clean in our warehouse, we donate tens of thousands of square feet of carpet every year to nonprofits that reuse it in places like homeless shelters, childrens centers and battered womens shelters. As for our fines, we had been using them for cover for a while, and then we cleaned them up enough that they were going for [agricultural] uses for non-human consumption crops because theyre predominantly gypsum-based coming out of our facility, but now, theyre getting mostly used for road stabilization. Even then, fines make up less than 10 percent of our weight.

Beyond recycling and reusing material, Ludt says CDR Inc. has established a robust donation program. Because of the companys focus on commercial interior work, CDR Inc. receives a lot of gently used furniture from companies that are moving offices or undergoing renovations.

When we get furniture thats still in good shape, we have a program to repurpose it. We have a 100,000-square-foot warehouse, so were putting that furniture in the warehouse and were making it available to any nonprofit that wants it, Ludt says. Were currently donating anywhere from 30 to 60 tons of furniture and fixtures every month. Everyone from dog rescue centers to the Church of Scientology to fire departments has access to our goods. As long as it can go to somebody that needs it, it would be criminal to let this really expensive furniture go to the landfill.

Specializing in interior demolition recycling isnt an easy vocation. Beyond familiar challenges in finding end markets, the nature of the projects that generate CDR Inc.s incoming materials often make it difficult for source separation.

The biggest issue with commercial interior demolition as far as diversionand I dont care who is doing the demo workis the fact that most high-rise buildings in the California market only have room for one dumpster in the loading dock, so you cant do a lot of source separation, Ludt says. That creates a challenge, because we all know the easiest way to keep materials clean is to have a separate box per material. But that doesnt work in a commercial high-rise. On a larger scale job, it gets a little bit easier. But on a smaller scale job, if youre only doing 5,000 or 8,000 square feet of demo, then you have no choice but to put all the material in one box, and its difficult to keep those materials clean enough to divert.

At the end of the day, weve kind of made it tough on ourselves just to prove [diverting this material] can be done, Ludt says. If disposal is $35-$40 per ton, processing is $50-$70 a ton and youre bringing in $90-$100 a ton at the gate depending on what facility youre at, you can make it make financial sense, but its hard when were going up against people who own landfills or have more traditional C&D commodities.

We do have the advantage that were in California and there is legislation that mandates a certain level of recycling, Ludt adds. Moving forward, the state, Los Angeles County and the city of Los Angeles all have some pretty aggressive zero-waste plans theyre aiming for, which puts us in a good position. If the state, county and the cities are serious about zero waste, then eventually everybody is going to have to start looking at recycling commercial interior debris the same way we do.

Ludt says CDR Inc. doesnt just strive to divert material from landfill to comply with local regulations. The company does it because its the right thing to do for both the community and the environment.

We could make more money doing it an easier way. We could drop the price of concrete inbound to our facility and we could bring in tons and tons of concrete and wood and not have to process so much of that interior debris and increase our profit, he says. But one of the things we say around the yard is once you know the damage this stuff can cause, you cant unknow. Once you know what drywall or manufactured lumber does when it gets into the landfill and all of those chemicals turn into harmful gases or get down to the leachate that is only being kept out of the groundwater by a plastic liner that has, at best, a 50-year warrantyhow can you knowingly put this material in a landfill?

CDR Inc.s efforts to change the way C&D material is recycled hasnt gone unnoticed. According to Ludt, the company is currently the only C&D facility in southern California to garner Recycling Certification Institute (RCI) certification, making it the only facility in the region eligible to provide the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED pilot point for facilities with third-party verification. Additionally, the facility has been singled out on the awards circuit as of late. In just the last six months, CDR Inc. has won the Sustainable Materials Management Award from the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), the Recycler of the Year Award from the Construction & Demolition Recycling Association (CDRA), and the Governors Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (GEELA) from the state of California, which is the highest environmental honor in the state.

In the space of six months, we have been recognized by the state, internationally through SWANA and called out specifically within the C&D recycling industry with the CDRA award, so thats kind of like the holy trinity in this industrythe words getting out, Ludt says. Its nice to know that somebody gets it because it does get frustrating to be doing it right and sometimes feeling like were the only ones who are, and I know thats not the casethere are other good people out there. But to get that recognition that somebody understands that what were doing has some meaning. That means a lot to us.

Volvo Construction Equipment, Gothenburg, Sweden, announced that it is adding to its E-Series compact excavators in North America with the launch of the ECR18E and the EC20E. Features of the ECR18E include:

Single Phase Power Solutions, Cincinnati, has introduced a 100-horsepower single-phase electric motor designed to minimize voltage sags and flicker on long single-phase distribution lines. Features of the motor include:

EvoQuip, a Dungannon, Northern Ireland-based company that offers a portfolio of products to address the needs of the compact crushing and screening markets, showcased its Cobra 230 impact crusher at World of Concrete 2019 in Las Vegas. Features of the crusher include:

Brunswick, Ohio-based Best Process Solutions Inc. (BPS) says its feeders with vibrating troughs can be made to custom lengths and special trough designs are available. Features of the vibratory feeders include:

The Sweden-based manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition machines, Brokk, has introduced the Brokk 200. The Brokk 200 is one of four new next-generation remote-controlled demolition machines the company showcased at World of Concrete 2019. Features of the new machine include:

BossTek of Peoria, Illinois, has announced the release of the new DustBoss DB-60 Fusion. The DustBoss DB-60 Fusion is a suppression system driven by a 25-horsepower electric motor paired with a gen set featuring a heavy-duty four-cycle indirect injection diesel engine. Other features of the DustBoss DB-60 Fusion include:

Construction employment grew in 273 out of 358 U.S. metro areas between December 2017 and December 2018, according to an analysis of federal employment data recently released by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). Industry employment declined in 37 metro areas and remained stagnant in 48.

Construction employment continued to expand in most parts of the country in 2018 as demand for many types of construction projects grew, says Ken Simonson, the associations chief economist. As welcome as the job gains were, many firms would likely have added even more workers if labor market conditions were not so tight.

The Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land, Texas, metro area added the most construction jobs during the past year (19,400 jobs, 9 percent). Other metro areas adding a large amount of construction jobs over the past 12 months include Dallas-Plano-Irving, Texas; Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, Arizona; and Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford, Florida. The largest percentage gain of 28 percent occurred in the Weirton-Steubenville, West Virginia/Ohio area.

The largest job losses in that time period occurred in Anaheim-Santa Ana-Irvine, California (-2,800 jobs, -3 percent), followed by San Diego-Carlsbad in California and Honolulu. The largest percentage decrease occurred in Lawrence-Methuen Town-Salem, Massachusetts/New Hampshire (-9 percent, -300 jobs), followed by Abilene, Texas; Wichita Falls, Texas; and Elmira, New York.

Association officials say workforce shortages are limiting the full economic benefits of robust demand for construction. They urged federal officials to increase technical education funding and enact immigration reform to allow more people to legally work in construction.

excavator bucket manufacturer in india, suppliers of excavator buckets | digging bucket, grading bucket, jcb bucket prices for sale in india

excavator bucket manufacturer in india, suppliers of excavator buckets | digging bucket, grading bucket, jcb bucket prices for sale in india

An Excavator bucket is a digging attachment connected to an arm of an Excavator. It is used for digging and grading purpose on construction sites. The buckets are hydraulically controlled by the excavator operator using controls in the cabin. Excavator buckets come in different shapes, sizes and types and each bucket has its own use depending on where the digging or grading has to be done. There are hundreds of Excavator Bucket Manufacturers in India but Maan Global Industries is the Leading Excavator Bucket Manufacturer, JCB Style bucket manufacturer in India.

Excavation process is expensive and it is important to estimate excavation costs before starting the project. Excavators such as JCB backhoe loaders or Bobcat Backhoe Loaders makes the excavation process efficient and economical. JCB bucket or Excavator bucket is made of high quality iron metal such as MS or SS that helps in digging and excavation at various construction sites.

Excavator buckets are also used to move dirt or load dump trucks for transportation to dumping sites. Small backhoe loaders such as Bobcat Skid Steer also have buckets for dumping farm trash or backyard trash. Excavator buckets are also used in conventional trenching methods for laying pipelines and also used for digging trial pits for geotechnical investigation. Excavator are heavy earthmoving equipment that come with different types of attachments and buckets useful in various excavation projects.

Maan Global Industries is the low-cost Excavator Bucket manufacturer in Mumbai, Pune, Rudrapur, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Patna, Aurangabad, Jamshedpur, Jabalpur, Kolkata, India. Exporter of Excavator Buckets to Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, France, Kenya, South Africa, Europe, US, Canada and Mexico.

Grading or clean-up bucket These buckets do not have teeth but have greater capacity than other buckets. They are used for scooping up soft soil and material. They are used for sloping, leveling and back-filling.

Rock bucket These buckets are similar to digging buckets but have structural parts that have been reinforced. This allows the bucket to be pushed with greater power to break hard rock without damaging itself. They have long, sharp teeth and a narrow V-shaped cutting edge.

Hard-pan bucket These buckets are built for maximum strength and durability and are similar to a rock bucket. The difference lies in the ripping teeth attached to the back of the bucket that loosens compact earth while digging.

Maan Global Industries is a manufacturer of wide range of Hydraulic Excavator Buckets from .75 Ton 3 Ton Range small Buckets, which is used in earth moving machinery. Our manufacturing processes are at par with international standards and therefore, the excavator buckets are high quality and long lasting. We only use high quality raw material procured from trusted vendors for manufacturing excavator buckets.

A JCB Bucket or an Excavator Bucket could cost anywhere between Rs. 12,500 to Rs. 55,000. The price of a JCB bucket depends on the material, size, capacity, weight and manufacturing process. Most Excavator Bucket Manufacturers in India use traditional methods for manufacturing buckets while MGI utilizes its full-fledged manufacturing process and high grade materials to manufacture excavator and JCB buckets that are durable and long lasting.

If you are looking for JCB Style Bucket or Excavator Bucket Manufacturer in India, then MGI is among the best excavator bucket manufacturers in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Faridabad, Delhi NCR, Haryana, Patna, Jammu, Lucknow, India. With a manufacturing capacity of over 1000 excavator buckets a month, Maan Global Industries is also a leading exporter of Excavator buckets.

Call: or 8882490101 or fill out the contact form on the right to inquire about Excavator Bucket Sales & Manufacturing. Exporters & Suppliers of Excavator Buckets in Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UK, Germany, US, Spain, Italy, France, Sweden, Abu Dhabi.

excavator attachments | eartmoving & demolition attachments

excavator attachments | eartmoving & demolition attachments

Main company profile is bucket design and manufacture for excavators, loaders, backhoe-loaders and mini loaders. Our manufacturing capability enables to produce buckets of various applications with capacity from 0,1 m3 to 50m3. Buckets are GALEN labelled and have already showed an excellent performance among both Turkish and foreign clients. Annual output is more than 1000 buckets!

GALEN buckets are produced by experienced specialists in modern workshops and have shown excellent performance. We are open to everyone, so you can visit our factory and check out our bucket production process! For more information about the production process. All our buckets are guaranteed for 6 months.

We manufacture buckets with capacity from 0.1 m3 to 50 m3 for construction and mining machines such brands as Hitachi, Komatsu, Caterpillar, Hyundai, Daewoo, Hidromek, JCB, Volvo, Liebherr, Terex,Sany etc.. We can design and manufacture any bucket according to your requirements!

Special design for water applications.It creates more depth for channels, rivers and harbors than is naturally available.Adipper dredge is essentially a power shovel mounted on a barge for marine use. A grab, or clamshell, dredge lowers, closes, and raises a single bucket by means of flexible cables. In operation the bucket is dropped to the bottom, where it bites because of its weight and the action of the bucket-closing mechanism.

Galen Group provides wear solutions for mining, infrastructure development and other challenging industrial wear applications. We produce Ground Engaging Tools (GET), highly-engineered lip and tooth systems for hydraulic machines, buckets, truck bodies, underground mining drums, crusher parts, scrap recycling hammers, and dragline rigging in our OWN factory. All kinds of attachments are being renovated at the factory.

Unlike their counterparts in the market, our products are heat treated in our OWN furnaces. Thanks to this heat treatment we apply to each product in different degrees, we increase the hardness and endurance time and reduce the brittleness even further.

Unlike their counterparts in the market, our products are heat treated in our OWN furnaces. Thanks to this heat treatment we apply to each product in different degrees, we increase the hardness and endurance time and reduce the brittleness even further.

The harder the conditions are, the greater GALENs advantages are. Dragline buckets normally reveal GALENs advantages in coal mining and other surface mining.By using Hardox material, we reduce the weight of the bucket, extend the service life and increase our quality.

Galen Group makes a point of not just meeting industry standards but exceeding them. Our heavy equipment attachments are built to last, and that not only saves you money but also makes your job, and your life, a little easier.We have strict and high efficient QC procedures for quality control. With 100 percent in-house manufacturing, we control the every stages of products from start to finish, which means we can guarantee your satisfaction.We attach great importance to quality control and testing. Separate tests are performed by our expert team during the manufacturing period and at the end of manufacturing.Galen Group employees reflect their satisfaction in the compatible work environment created. The high average duration of staffing affects the quality of work positively by contributing to the gathering and accumulation of experience and concentration in the company. In addition to this, a business culture which will reduce the amount of mistakes in the design of new products is created as well.In this case, it reduces the cost on the production of the attachments, and our employees ensure that the attachments are produced at each stage of the production by confirming the quality.

We can produce all types of grap attachments.Galen Group designs and builds high performance clamshell buckets and grapples that meet and exceed strict standards. We also offer quality rebuilds for all buckets regardless of make, model or manufacturer.

During its lifetime, on the road, each car produces another 1.3 billion cubic yards of polluted air and scatters an additional 40 pounds of worn tire particles, brake debris and worn road surface into the atmosphere. Bicycling significantly reduces transportation emissions while also reducing traffic congestion and the need for petroleum. Moreover, cycling is so beneficial for the human health.

Shovel bucket widely used for extraction and loading of raw materials in quarries and open pit mines for machines from 80 to 500 tons. The Shovel Bucket profile is optimized to achieve the best possible filling factor and shorter material loading and unloading time to ensure the customer operator moves more tone per hour at the lowest cost.

excavator attachments craig manufacturing

excavator attachments craig manufacturing

The Craig Brush Rake is a medium duty brush rake designed for efficient moving and sorting of brush on the job site. The profile of the rake is optimized for working with brush and other loose material. For stumping applications Craig recommends the Craig Stump Shear or the Craig Land Clearing Rake.

Ideal for the multi-tool excavator. The Craig Contractor Grapple has been developed to offer the versatility of a grapple to excavator operators running a coupler or a pin grabber. The claws pivot on an independent pin allowing for a full range of motion. Solid boxed construction makes this grapple a great addition to your toolbox.

Perfect for loading, unloading, placing, and cleaning mats, the Craig Excavator Rotating Mat Grapple is the ideal tool to increase productivity and enhance matting capabilities. Features dual high torque motors for continuous 360 rotation and a low profile cylinder design that allows for greater opening capability and added stability over the competition.

An ultra low profile design, the Craig Excavator Pipe Grapple is the best tool for loading and unloading pipe at the job site. Offering great visibility for added safety and dual reinforced top clamps, the Craig Excavator Pipe Grapple is a top performer whether youre moving a single pipe or filling the grapple to capacity.

The Craig stumper is the ultimate tool for stump removal and land clearing applications. Complete with a dual shank design to remove stumps with a minimal disturbance to the soil. Minimal soil disturbance improves land clearing efficiency by reducing filing and grading.

Our signature thumb the Craig Direct Link Hydraulic Thumb, features a four tooth inter-meshing design and boxed frame. This thumb provides superior grip and dexterity for day-in and day-out material handling.

The Craig land clearing rake series 2 combines a rake and a thumb into an all in one attachment that excels at tough forestry applications that require picking, sorting, and shaking free non fibrous debris during land clearing and grubbing applications. A helac rotator is used to operate the thumb and provides a strong and constant grip on material in the rake through the rakes rotation. The helac rotator has no exposed shafts and is sealed for a long service life.

When you need the ultimate in maneuverability, look no further than the Craig Progressive Link Hydraulic Thumb. Delivering up to 180 of constant gripping power throughout virtually the entire rotation of the bucket.

The Craig Universal Pad Mount Thumb is the perfect stocked solution for outfitting machines with a durable, easily installed, fully hydraulic thumb that is customizable to the specific tip radius of each machine. When not in use the thumb tucks up close to the stick for unparalleled visibility and convenience.

More than just a frost tooth, the Craig Ripper Tooth is designed for extra heavy duty applications where other rippers fail. Engineered for maximum penetration, the double reinforced shank joins a gusseted, boxed, lugging plate for unparalleled strength.

The Craig Stick Mount Thumb is the perfect solution for outfitting machines with a durable and easily installed thumb. When not in use the thumb tucks up close to the stick for unparalleled visibility and convenience.

Developed specifically for work in established blueberry fields that are converting to mechanized harvesting. Operators use the shallow cutting edge to pierce the ground and smooth soil underneath established plants with minimal impact on the plants and surrounding area.

The 4-in-1 Bite Bucket is a versatile tool combining all the best aspects of a standard dig bucket, clam grapple, ditch bucket and chuck blade. With this one attachment you can minimize the need for additional machines on the job site. Dig like a standard bucket, move materials securely, grade the finished piece with the straight cutting edge, skim ground cover with the serrated reverse clam edge or securely grab a piece of I-beam to smooth large areas all at once. This bucket is also great for accurately spreading aggregate into trenches by using the bucket as a belly dump.

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