bucket elevator alignment control | conveyor components company

bucket elevator alignment control | conveyor components company

WHAT IS IT? The Model VA is the newest belt alignment control specifically designed for use with bucket elevators. The unit is typically used in pairs to provide protection to both sides of the elevator leg, and indicates when the vertical belt strays or drifts beyond acceptable limits. After such time, the unit will trip an output to indicate a problem, or can be used to shut down the leg until inspection and correction is provided.

WHY IS IT NECESSARY? The Model VA is one of the most economical and reliable methods for meeting the OSHA requirements under the Code of Federal regulations 1910.272 for Grain Handling Facility Standards.

preventing the top 3 problems that can stop a bucket elevator - unitrak

preventing the top 3 problems that can stop a bucket elevator - unitrak

Youve purchased and installed a continuous bucket elevator and everythings running fine until Murphy strikes and your elevator and line are halted. What now? Unplanned maintenance interventions, frantic calls to the manufacturer, whatever it takes to get the elevator back up and running. While bucket elevators from reputable OEMs are dependable machines, such unexpected scenarios can happen, and often they can be avoided. This blog highlights the top three reasons that can bring a continuous bucket elevator down, and offers guidance for avoiding these problems.

In many facilities, continuous bucket elevators are workhorse units. In these settings, it is often easy to overlook performing vital Preventive Maintenance (PM) activities. Failure to perform needed PM activities results in parts and components being pushed beyond their expected life-cycles, with resulting parts failure and attendant unplanned downtime.

In a January 2017articlewhich appeared inPowder Bulk Engineeringmagazine, John McDonald, Service Team Leader at UniTrak, highlighted the need to follow an OEMs recommended PM activities and schedule. In that article, John also discussed particular aspects of a continuous bucket elevator that should be regularly inspected to detect signs of premature wear and tear that could lead to failure. This need becomes even more acute in severe service settings where aggressive materials are being moved or the equipment is being used in extreme conditions and temperatures.

Material which spills from buckets as it transits the elevator, or which accumulates in the infeed area due to poor material feeding, can build up to the point where machine operation is halted. Accumulated material can cause buckets to be torn loose from their mounting fasteners, or block the progress of buckets through the elevator, resulting in an overload situation and consequent machine shutdown.

As noted above, continuous bucket elevators from reputable manufacturers are dependable units that can offer excellent uptime and availability if certain basic practices are followed. Following the tips above can help ensure you avoid the problems described above and reduce unplanned equipment stoppages.

UniTrak manufactures the TipTrak line of continuous bucket elevators. These elevators are available in a range of configurations and capacities. TipTrak elevators feature fully interlocking bucket assemblies and a rubberbeltchainwhich never needs tensioning or lubrication. A wide range of options are available to support specific applications. To find out more about TipTrak continuous bucket elevators, pleasecontactour sales team directly.

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