leading briquetting machine manufacturer - ruf briquetting systems

leading briquetting machine manufacturer - ruf briquetting systems

From metal scrap to wood waste, these byproducts of construction or manufacturing processes are often considered waste, worth little. But what if they could become cost-saving, money makers instead? A modern briquetting system starts saving you money and reducing waste from day one.

As the global leader in industrial briquetting, we understand the cost and the hassle of dealing with metal scrap, wood chips, and biomass waste. Thats why weve made it our mission to help manufacturers become more efficient, profitable, and sustainable.

who we are | optical manufacturing technology - satisloh

who we are | optical manufacturing technology - satisloh

Satisloh provides tailor-made precision optics machines and processes for the production of precise spheres, aspheres, freeform surfaces, domes, prisms, plano optics, and many more. Our product portfolio covers workpiece dimensions from 1 500 mm and ranges from high volume production solutions to single batch optics manufacturing machines.

Art is the expressive form of human creativity. At Satisloh, we understand the art of making lenses and through knowledge and experience in lens & optics manufacturing, we make it our mission to enable our customers to express their vision by creating imaginative solutions and artful results from beginning to end.

We believe our team is the driving force of the company applying ambition and entrepreneurial spirit to achieve success. Every Satisloh employee plays an important role; from the initial idea to the final coating, the team truly knows that lens making is an art .

As a global leader in turnkey solutions and machine manufacturing for ophthalmic and precision optics lenses,our worldwide presencemeans that wherever you are, we have local service and support to ensure you consistently get the best return from your investment.

Our proven lens manufacturing solutions and tools are trusted, precise products you can rely on. We continually strive to understand your business needs so we can innovate and create machines, tools, processes and capabilities that help your business flourish.

Diversity and inclusion is an integral part of our culture. For us, the best solutions come from a diverse workforce with different perspectives and ideas. We believe that by creating an environment where everyone feels valued, respected and heard, we fuel innovation, drive engagement and attract the best people. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not tolerate any form of discrimination based on gender, race, age, skin colour, nationality, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, background, physical or mental disability, or on any other grounds.

As a manufacturer of optical machines and solutions for both the precision and ophthalmic markets, outstanding quality is especially important to us andwe review it at regular intervals in the entire supply chain, as well as in all other company departments. Our holistic approach means that the standards we set for ourselves provide the best quality solutions for our customers. When you work with Satisloh, you have a trusted partner to help you reach your goals.

Sustainable development, technological advanceand the commitment to ethical standards has always carriedus forward and will always do so.Satisloh's history goes back to the 1920s of the 20th century.

high-end briquette presses from weima for wood chips, paper & metal shavings

high-end briquette presses from weima for wood chips, paper & metal shavings

With WEIMA's hydraulic and mechanical briquetting presses you can compact a variety of organic as well as inorganic materials into highly compressed briquettes in round or square form. Typical users are recyclers of all kinds, furniture makers, wood processors, metal cutting companies, foundries, but also forestry operations and companies from the agricultural and automotive industries.

Our briquette presses compact materials such as wood, plastic, paper and cellulose, metal, and biomass (among others) into consistent and valuable briquettes without the use of a binding agent. Depending on the throughput and the intended use of the briquettes, the machines can be configured to produce briquettes of a specified size and shape. All models boast robust construction and require minimal maintenance, and are able to be easily integrated into any production line.

With more than 35,000 briquetting presses and shredders sold since 1980, WEIMA is a pioneer in waste disposal and processing. In more than four decades our briquetting machines have become more and more efficient, robust, compact and above all, with higher throughput. This is why WEIMA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of briquetting technology for the most diverse tasks.

1. Significant volume reduction (up to 90 %) 2. Reduction of disposal costs 3. Cost reduction for logistics expenditure 4. Increase in revenue through briquette shape 5. Recovery of coolant or emulsion

This is what distinguishes WEIMA briquetting machines 1. Intuitive machine operation 2. Short amortization periods 3. Compact, low-wear design 4. Robust against impurities 5. Integration in production lines 6. Very high pressing pressures

charcoal powder forming and drying production line

charcoal powder forming and drying production line

Raw material of Briquette Machine can be coconut shell, hardwood, wood sawdust, nut shell, etc, they can be carbonized into charcoal directly, then briquetted into different shapes.Previously, people burning plenty of scattered coal, combustion is not complete, waste a great deal of coal resources, and serious environmental pollution. As the global energy crisis, every country pay great attention to the energy problem.

Some biomass waste materials can be carbonized into charcoal directly, these charcoal can be processed furtherly by the charcoal dust briquette machine into charcoal briquette in different shapes, for BBQ, hookah tablets etc, with nice appearance, high density, a bit of smokeless and tasteless.These barbeque charcoal briquettes can be exported to Europe and the United States, South Korea, Japan applied to large buffet barbecue shop, star hotel buffet barbecue, outdoor barbecue.Some country lack of natural coal, the local biomass can be processed into charcoal, the output charcoal briquettes can be used as domestic fuel and industrial smelting.

Working Process of briquette pressing machine, Charcoal block or granules -- crushed into 0.8-3mm by Charcoal Crushing Machine -- add natural binders -- mixed by the Wheel Mixing Machine -- briquetted by the briquette pressing machine -- output charcoal briquettes in certain shape -- naturally drying or be dried in our professionalDrying Machine.

The whole charcoal powder forming and drying production line mainly contains Charcoal Crushing Machine, Binder Mixing Barrel, Wheel Mixing Machine, Briquette Pressing Machine and the charcoal briquette dryer (Cabinet Type Drying Machine). For briquette machine, we have different types for certain shapes of charcoal briquettes.

list of worldwide buyers, importers, traders directory, global & foriegn buying agents contact details, online trading company & find us distributors for your product website - international export list

list of worldwide buyers, importers, traders directory, global & foriegn buying agents contact details, online trading company & find us distributors for your product website - international export list

Whether youre a new business taking its first steps in ecommerce trading or seasoned online sales expert, you know that the right business to business portal with the right trade leads can make all the difference in how successful your business is going to be.

eWorldTrade is the global buyers and trading company you want to be a member of if you want guaranteed success for your business. Are you wondering why us? Here are some of the benefits youll get if you do choose to join us.

It might be funny to think that a web store can boost your business, but in our world today, it is very much possible and is happening all the time. Strengthen your online presence by connecting with potential clients, importers and distributors through us. We guarantee you quality USA buying agent leads! Our importers directory is filled with thousands of businesses that are looking for reliable businesses as well.

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make hookah/shisha by this special designed briquette maker

make hookah/shisha by this special designed briquette maker

Hookah charcoal briquettes maker is a kind of briquette machine that can make charcoal into common shisha shape like round and square. It is a high efficient briquette machine which is very suitable for this job.

Hookah or somewhere call it shisha is a kind of tobacco product originated in the Middle East made from tobacco mix with honey or fruit, it used to be only popular in the middle east which now ispopular all over the world.

concrete testing lab equipment sun labtek

concrete testing lab equipment sun labtek

We supply varieties of high quality and all international standard testing equipments and accessories to test in Concrete testing lab equipment or concrete testing machines, cement, soil, bitumen, aggregate, rock testing lab equipment and steel testing lab equipment, different types of apparatus and accessories at reasonable rates with timely delivery.

LabTek make CE certified Fully Automatic Compression Testing Machine with all distance platens for 150 mm cube/100 mm cube 150 x 300 mm cylinders, software. The automatic range of 3000 kn capacity compression testing machines has been designed to meet the need for reliable and consistent testing of concrete samples.all labtest machines feature the .

The Flexure Strength Testing Machines are designed to test flexural strength of concrete beams. The design provide maximum rigidity throughout their working range. The load is applied by the downward movement of the piston. A spacer is provided for testing different size of beams. The load is indicated on a calibrated bourdon tube type load .

Concrete Cube mould of different sizes and standards, Beam mould,Cylindrical mould is manufactured using premium quality raw material and sophisticated technology by our proficient professionals. Our offered concrete mould is precision-designed in varioussizesand designs so as to meet the demands of our clients and

The slump test measures the consistency of fresh concrete before it sets. It is performed to check the workability of freshly made concrete, and therefore the ease with which concrete flows. It can also be used as an indicator of an improperly mixed batch. The test is popular due to the simplicity of apparatus used and simpleand

Mixing of concrete is essential if quality specimens are to be manufactured. Pan type mixers are suitable for mixing small quantities of concrete in the laboratory. The mixing pan tilts for easy access to the pan and emptying on completion of the mixing operation. Volume of the pan is 108 litres but capacity of the mixer is 56 litres and .

Designed to undertake a more precise and sensitive test procedure than the simple slump test. The apparatus consists of two conical hoppers mounted on a cylinder. Each hopper has a hinged flange with quick release mechanism and everything is mounted on a rigid steel stand. The compacting factor is the ratio between the weight and..

A leading supplier & Manufactrurer of Concrete Permeability Apparatus, India.Concrete Permeability Apparatus fully automatic apparatus is designed to carry out water permeability tests on cubic concrete specimens max.150 mm side. One of the durability test of concrete is to determine permeability of water through specimen and..

Sun LabTek is Manufacturer and supplier of civil engineering lab equipment, Construction material testing equipment. Concrete testing machines, for carrying out Accelerated curing of concrete samples in laboratory. LabTek offers an extensive range of accelerated curing tanks available in various sizes and for hot, warm & cold method and

Manufacturer, supplier and Exporter of Vee Bee Consistometer offered by Sun LabTek.To determine the workability of fresh concrete by using a Vee-Bee consistometer as per IS: 1199 1959. The apparatus used is Vee-Bee consistometer.The Veebe consistometer measures the remolding ability of concrete under vibration

Manual Flow Table is used in determining flow and consistency when preparing mortars for testing and recommended when strict compliance with standards is not required. Motorized Flow Tables determine consistency in the preparation of mortars for testing, but with controlled rates that comply with ASTM and AASHTO standards.

Proper compaction of cement concrete while casting specimens for compression testing is essential to achieve higher compressive strength . LabTek Vibrating Table is ideally suited for this purpose. The table top is suitable to hold cube moulds and has stops along its.

J Ring Apparatusis used to determine the flowability and passing ability of self-consolidating concrete. Zinc plated for rust resistance. The apparatus consists of a rigid ring supported on sixteen 16 mm (5/8 in) diameter rods equally spaced on a 300 mm (12 in) diameter circl

U Box Apparatus: Stainless Steel U-Box with smooth inside walls. Four vertical reinforcement bars form a flow obstacle. The bars are 10mm in diameter with 35mm daylight between them. A guillotine gate splits the vertical portion of the box from the horizontal one. Dimensions: 480mm x 250mm

The stainless steel L Box consists of: Funnel top container with rigid surfaces inside, 3 x 16mm diameter vertical bars with free light of 38 mm forming the obstruction at the bottom of the chute, Guillotine gate, Two marks are engraved on the horizontal bottom position at 200mm and 400mm,

The apparatus consists of a container (transparent) with a flat and smooth surface. In the container are 35 obstacles are made of PVC with a diameter of 20mm and a distance centre to centre of 50mm, see figure. At the top side is a put filling pipe (diameter 100mm height 500mm) with a funnel...

V-funnel test apparatus: Used for the determination of flow time in a V Funnel to EN 11042. The upper edge of the stainless steel funnel is smooth and reinforced, with a valve on the bottom opening. Dimensions: 510mm x 400mm x 1000mm with stand, Weight: 40kg with stand....

The standard 100 ccVolume Change Apparatus is designed to utilize either a standard LSCT or a Digital Gauge for measuring thevolume change. TheVolume Change Apparatuscomprises achangeover valve system, which provides an unlimited capacity by....

The apparatus can be used for three basic tests:Initial drying shrinkage,The difference between the length of the cured specimen and the length when it is dried.Drying shrinkage :The difference between the length of the specimen from Concrete testing lab equipment ....

It is designed for finding out the deformation and strains on 15cms. Diameter and 30 cms. High cement concrete cylinders when subjected to compressive loads. Consists of a frame with a bottom ring and a top ring with tightening screws to firmly clamp the compressometer over the cylinder...

Concrete testing lab equipmentThe lateral extension is indicated on a dial gauge of 0.002mm x 12mm travel. This is for determining the lateral extension of 15 cms.dia x 30 cm high cement concrete cylinders while testing them under compression.Lateral Extensometer for 150 mm dia .

Used to determine the setting time of the mortar fraction in concrete mixes with slump greater than zero, by testing mortar sieved from mix. The apparatus consists of a spring penetrometer (capacity 100 Kgf, precision 1 Kgf) and six interchangeable stainless

Concrete Testing lab equipment: A mechanical lifting device is used to raise the water tank through the frame height immersing the specimen suspended below the balance. The balance supplied may also be used as a standard weighing device, thus providing a versatile and comprehensive weighing system in the ..

Used to measure the thickness of concrete cover over steel reinforcement bars and metal pipes, furthermore it is also used to identify the location, orientation and diameter of reinforcement bars (rebar). The basic unit can be completed with a number of optional probes for various determination. The Bartracker...

Vibratory Hammer for Concrete Moulds: Special purpose machine adhering to International Specification such as (BS En, ASTM, AASHTO, DIN, NF, IP, BIS).Apart from our wide range of equipment such as Soil Testing in the Field; Lab Tests for Soil; Geo-technical testing; Fresh Concrete Testing or Strength Testing; NDT for Concrete

Concrete Test Hammer: The Schmidt hammer requires no corrections for angle of test, simple one button operation, datalogging capability with USB download with detailed reporting capability. Impact Energy 2.207Nm. Compressive strength range 10~170MPa. Battery Life >1000 Impact

Demountable Mechanical Strain Gauge: A demountable mechanical strain gauge has advantages of accuracy, reliability and cost over other methods of strain measurement. However, the desired accuracy is only obtained by precision manufacture and care in the use of the instrument.

Prism Mould LabTek: Used for determining the effect of aggregates on the drying shrinkage of concrete. The test is based on the testing of concretes of fixed mix proportions and aggregates of 20 mm max. size. To complete the test, the Length comparator should also be used. Made from steel.

K-Slump Tester: This device is used to determine the workability and degree of compaction of fresh concrete after being placed in the forms. It can be used for in-situ measurements or inside test moulds and forms. Results can be correlated against the slump test.The operation is very simple: insert the tester ...

Kelley Ball Penetration Apparatus: Used to test the consistency of concrete using the penetration of a half sphere into plastic concrete. A 1 (2.5-centimeter) penetration by the kelly ball corresponds to

Initial Surface Absorption Test (ISAT) Apparatus:This apparatus is used to assess the surface absorption characteristics of concrete.The rate of flow of water per unit area into a concrete surface when subjected to a constant head of 200mm is measured. The unit consists of a capillary tube mounted on a scale, a water..

Pocket Concrete Penetrometer: Lightweight, spring-reaction type concrete penetrometer for field and lab evaluation of the initial set of concrete mortar, based on ASTM C403. Penetration plunger has a 1/20 sq. in. tip area...

Bleeding Of Freshly Mixed Concrete: This test method is used to determine the relative quantity of mixing water that will bleed from a sample of freshly mixed concrete having aggregates with 50mm max size

Sun LabTek is manufacturer, supplier and exporter of construction material testing lab equipments, building material testing lab equipments and concrete testing machines. Concrete testing lab equipmet for use wit

Straight Edge:For striking-off samples in containers, measures or molds. Ground steel with beveled edge. The Straight Edges supports the following standards: LabTek India supplies and manufacture ASTMC185,.

Poker Vibrator: portable, petrol operated. Honda motor, 4-stroke, 1,6HP, 35,8cc,Tip dimensions: 25 mm dia. by 250 mm long. Flexible shaft: 2 metres long. Frequency: 10000 vibrations/min.Supplied complete with knapsack. Weight: 7 kg approx.

Sand Absorption Cone And Tamper: Used for specific gravity and absorption of fine aggregates. The equipment comprises of a conical metal mould 1.5 dia at the top, 3.5 dia at the base and 2.7/8 in height and a metal tamping rod weighing 12 ounces and having a flat circular tamping face 1 dia..

Sun LabTek offers Rapid Chloride Permeability Test Apparatus. Rapid Chloride Permeability Test Equipment (RCPT) has multi-port testing facilities is designed to test concrete samples of 100mm diameter with 50mm thickness for concrete ion permeability test for civil engineering...

Concrete Test Hammer (Schmidt Hammer) N Type is used for the non-destructive testing of the surface of hardened concrete in order to evaluate the strength in various parts of a structure.The concrete hammer is supplied complete with plastic carrying case, grinding stone ...

Electronic Concrete Test Hammer (Schmidt Hammer) measurement using the quotient of the impact and rebound velocities increases the sensitivity in so the hammer test is now possible between 10-100MPa and is not effected by gravity making the unit useful in 360deg of operation with ..

Test Hammer Calibration Anvil:Concrete testing lab equipment : verifies proper operation and rebound energy ofConcrete Test Hammers from most manufacturers. It has a hammer guide and hardened alloy steel rebound plate with 662 HRC hardness, to provide a minimum rebound

The measurement of pulse velocity can be used for the determination of the uniformity of concrete, the presence of cracks or voids, changes in properties with time and in the determination of dynamic physical properties. EN 12504:4 gives guidance on testing fresh concrete, hardened concrete ...

Concrete testing lab equipment: Elcometer 506 adhesion testers quick connect coupling allows the simple attachment of 14.2mm, 20mm or 50mm diameter dollies which, together with a wide range of accessories, allows coating adhesion testing on flat, curved, thick and thin substrates ..

Crack Measuring Microscope: Concrete testing lab equipment: A high quality microscope designed for measuring crack widths in concrete members, masonry walls and other structures. The apparatus operates by an adjustable lamp unit and the image is focused by turning a knob. The eyepiece ...

Concrete testing lab equipment: The PET (Pile Echo Tester) uses the Pulse-Echo method (PEM) for quick pile integrity test (quality control) of a large number of piles.The pile top is struck with a lightweight handheld hammer. The reflected wave is captured and analyzed by...

Table top scales comprises of digital counting scale, series balance, counter table top scale etc. Every component used in our scales is stringently quality tested to assure clients of product excellence. These weighing scales are extensively used in grocery shops, confectioneries and more...

Digital sieve shaker designed to outperform comparably priced equipment. The 1/4hp unit is widely accepted by state transportation departments for highway materials testing. Back and forth lateral motion is combined with up and down and tilting motions causing test material to travel in..

Test sieves are woven wire or perforated metal pans that are used for sifting and filtration. Test sieves are accurately constructed by placing wire cloth between two suppressed die formed frames. Stainless steel or brass is generally used in the construction of both the frame and woven wire mesh

Jolting Apparatus:This machine, used to compact the 40x40x160 mm cement prisms in the mould, has been developed to fulfill precisely Prism moulds, feed hopper, scrapers and glass plate are not included and have to be ordered separately. Three gang moulds 40x40x160 mm ..

Tensile (Briquette) Testing Machinethat is used for testing various materials like rubber, plastic and cable. The offered testing machine is manufactured using optimum quality components and sophisticated technology in line with industry standards. Available with steel yard having double

Air Entrainment Meters are used for determining the air content of fresh concrete. They consist of a flanged 7 or 8 liter capacity cylindrical vessel and cover assembly incorporating a pressure gauge, air pump and valves.

The container laboratory is the first equipment on the job-site and a smart, efficient, well equipped unit is the best introduction for a contractor. A wide range of accessories makes the laboratory completely independent and ..

We supply varieties of high quality and all international standard testing equipments and accessories to test in Concrete testing lab equipment or concrete testing machines, building and civil engineering laboratory equipment and accessories.

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satisloh - optical manufacturing solutions for ophthalmic & precision optics

satisloh - optical manufacturing solutions for ophthalmic & precision optics

Satisloh provides tailor-made precision optics machines and processes for the production of precise spheres, aspheres, freeform surfaces, domes, prisms, plano optics, and many more. Our product portfolio covers workpiece dimensions from 1 500 mm and ranges from high volume production solutions to single batch optics manufacturing machines.

At Satisloh, we understand the art of making lenses and we make it our mission to enable our customers to express their vision by creating imaginative solutions and artful results from beginning to end.

Our worldwide presence, means that wherever your businesses are located, we can provide local service and support to ensure you consistently get the best return from your investment.OphthalmicPrecision Optics

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