highly efficient rod mill | fote machinery

highly efficient rod mill | fote machinery

Applied materials: quartz, iron ore, copper ore, gold ore, glass, construction waste, cement clinker, etc. in the industrial production such as refractory materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, glass, sand industry and others.

Rod mills are very similar to ball mills except for the use of steel rods as grinding media. In the rod mill, steel rods grind the ore by rolling and rotating. The feeding of rod mill is 50 mm, and its output particle size is -4 to 35 mesh.

If the rod mill is used for the first stage grinding equipment to grind materials from 20~6 mm to 3~1 mm in the two-stage grinding process, the production capacity will be larger and the efficiency will be higher.

In some cases, it can replace the short-head cone crusher for fine crushing. When processing soft ores (especially viscous ores) from 19-25 mm (or even 32 mm) to 6-10 mesh, using rod mills is simpler and cheaper than a closed circuit formed by the short-head cone crusher and the sieve.

For hard ores, it may be more economical to use a short-head cone crusher and a sieve to form a closed circuit. Whether to choose a ball mill or a rod mill must be determined according to the specific conditions.

The rods have a screening effect on the materials during movement, which can make the large particle material be lifted to the high position of each layer and concentrated to the place with strong crushing ability. Therefore, the working efficiency of the rod mill is high and the power consumption is low.

When the rod rotates and rises along with the liner, the coarse particles are sandwiched between them, allowing the fine particles to pass through the gap of rods, which is conducive to crushing coarse particles, so the coarse particles are concentrated in the place where the grinding medium hits.

The particle size of the material produced by the rod mill can be adjusted according to the needs of users, because there are a fineness control device and a screening device for discharging inside the rod mill. These two devices work at the same time.

The feeding device is a shoe-shaped hopper, and the upper flange is connected with the feeding equipment to receive the fed material. There is an inspection door on the back wall of the hopper, forming a round tube and extending into the spiral barrel mounted on the hollow shaft, through which the material enters the mill.

The rotating part is a cylinder rolled and welded by steel plates. A liner is arranged inside the cylinder, which not only protects the cylinder but also lifts the steel rod to a suitable height to improve the efficiency of sand making. There is an acid and alkali resistant rubber pad between the steel liner and the simplified end cover to reduce noise and vibration.

The large and small gears are driven by helical gears with balanced work, small impact and long life. It adopts spray lubrication and regular oil injection, which reduces the labor intensity of workers, has a good lubrication effect and reduces the consumption of lubricating oil.

The main bearing supports all the weight of the rotating part, steel bars, materials, etc. The bearing bush is supported on the spherical seat, which can play a self-defense function to adapt to manufacturing and installation errors.

After the long-term work of the main bearing, the bearing bush will wear and tear, resulting in the sinking of the hollow shaft. The sealing bracket can be adjusted downward to ensure that the seals and the hollow shaft are in good contact.

Rod mill makes tube run with the help of the reduction gears drove by dynamo or the low-speed synchronization electrical machine. There are steel rods in the tube which are thrown at a certain high speed by centrifugal and friction force and then fall.

The ground material enters into the tube continuously and is crushed by the moving steel balls. After that, they are discharged from the machine naturally and will start the following working process next.

The rod mill produced by Fote Machinery integrates research and development, production, processing and matching. We have rich experiences, and the products are exported to the United States, India, Russia, Indonesia, South Africa and other countries and regions, with a good market reputation.

Therefore, customers said that they can work for a long-term mutual benefit and win-win future together with us. For example, in October 2018, a large new building materials company in South Africa directly found Fote Heavy Machinery through recommendation and hoped that we could equip a steel slag processing production line for them.

In the process of preparing new steel materials, the steel slag treatment rate reached 99%, and the quality of new building materials was superior. The comprehensive energy consumption is reduced significantly.

Due to the high degree of automation of the steel slag rod mill, the original operation line has a capacity of 40 people, and has been reduced to 15 laborers, which has truly simplified the operation mode of the assembly line.

More than a year later, due to the super-level performance of the MBS steel slag rod mill, the company's production line revenue increased steadily, while reducing the secondary pollution of waste slag gas, the economic income generated at the same time solved the environmental pollution problem of the production line.

Note: Steel slag is currently the most common application in building materials. It is characterized by high hardness, high strength and certain gelation properties, and the steel slag is processed and used as aggregate.

As a leading mining machinery manufacturer and exporter in China, we are always here to provide you with high quality products and better services. Welcome to contact us through one of the following ways or visit our company and factories.

Based on the high quality and complete after-sales service, our products have been exported to more than 120 countries and regions. Fote Machinery has been the choice of more than 200,000 customers.

rod mill_zk ball mill_cement mill_rotary kiln_grinding equipment

rod mill_zk ball mill_cement mill_rotary kiln_grinding equipment

1. The discharging granularity of rod mill is evener and the output is higher.2. The grinding media contact with the ore in a linear manner, so that it has selective grinding function.3. When used for coarse grinding, the processing amount of rod mill is higher than that of the ball mill with the same specification.

Rod mills are mainly used for primary grinding of crushed ore with a particle size range up to 50 mm for soft materials, and between 20 and 30 mm for harder materials where a narrow product size distribution is required (e.g. for subsequent gravity separation). Rod mills create a coarser product than do ball mills and typically operate at a slower mill speed. Rod mills can be either wet or dry designs. Dry applications feature a peripheral discharge or an air-swept arrangement.Here are more pictures on grinding mills.

Rod mill is widely applied in metal, nonmetal mine, water conservancy, glass and construction materials industries. It is mainly suitable for grinding various ores and rocks and artificial sand-making. Our high-efficiency rod mill adopts rolling bearing support instead of sliding bearing support with bearing bush. Therefore, it has advantages of even discharging size and high capacity.

The rod mill is a horizontal rotating device transmitted by the gear. The materials are transferred to the grinding chamber through the quill shaft uniformly. There are ladder liner and ripple liner and different specifications of grinding media in the chamber. The centrifugal force caused by rotation of shell brings the grinding media to a certain height and impact and grind the materials. The fine materials are discharged through the outlet, thus the grinding process is finished.

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