hxjq : 
 impact crusher,mobile impact crusher,impact crushing machine,impact stone crusher,mineral impact crusher,impact breaker

hxjq : impact crusher,mobile impact crusher,impact crushing machine,impact stone crusher,mineral impact crusher,impact breaker

The China impact crusher is new type highly-efficient crushing equipment with the features of small size, simple structure, high crushing ratio (as much as 40), low energy consumption, strong production ability, even particle size, etc. As a very promising machine, it has been applied in some ore dressing factories owing to the appearance of highly-abrasive materials.

This series of impact crushers is the new generation type which has combined the advanced techniques at home and abroad with the actual mining conditions. They adopt the latest manufacturing technology and unique structure design and produce products with cubical shape without tension and crack.

There are two parallel rotors in the Mobile Impact Crusher with some altitude differences. The position of the first rotor is relatively high, with an angle of 12from the node of the first and the second rotor. The first rotor is a heavy type used for coarse crushing; the second rotor rotates fast, which can meet the needs of the final product. The rotors are both fixed with bolts. The 12 blow bars distributed to 6 rows are made of high manganese steel. The rotors are fixed on the main shaft and separately connected with the coupling by two engines.

The materials fall to the high-speed rotating turn plate. With the effect of strong centrifugal force, these materials in the plate hammer function area will impact with hammers on the rotor. Then the materials will be thrown into the counter attack device for second crushing. After that, they are rebounded to the former area from the impact lining board for further crushing. This process will be repeated until desired purpose is achieved. The finished products will be discharged from the discharge port. To control the granularity and the shape of the materials, you can adjust the space between the impact rack and the rotor.

Model Specification mm Feed opening mm TheMaximum FeedingSize mm Capacity t/h Power kw Overall dimension LWH mm Total weight t PF-1007 1000700 400730 300 30-70 4P 37-45 233016602300 12 PF-1010 10001050 4001080 350 50-90 4P 45-55 237017002390 15 PF-1210 12501050 4001080 350 70-130 6P 110 268021602800 17.7 PF-1214 12501400 4001430 350 80-180 6P 132 265024602800 22.4 PF-1315 13201500 8601520 500 100-280 6P 200 318027203120 27 PF-1320 13002000 9932000 500 140-380 6P 250 322031003120 34 PF-1520 15002000 8302040 700 200-550 4P 315-400 395935643330 50.6 PF-1820 18002000 12602040 800 400-800 4P 630-710 440038664009 83.21

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123 best erp software 2021: reviews, pricing, demo

123 best erp software 2021: reviews, pricing, demo

ERP software stands for enterprise resource planning software. ERP is a business process management that helps to automate workflow, increase accuracy, the efficiency of office functions like billing, inventory, purchase, technology, services & human resource management in an organization.

Found our list of ERP Software helpful? Were here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Lets discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

ERP software stands for enterprise resource planning software. ERP is a business process management that helps to automate workflow, increase accuracy, the efficiency of office functions like billing, inventory, purchase, technology, services & human resource management in an organization.

ERP software integrated with organization computer systems and helps businesses in collecting, storing, managing and interpreting data from their various units, using a centralized database. It automates back-office tasks and streamlines workflows across departments. When optimized, the solution can drive efficiency, lower costs and increase profitability. It promotes healthy collaboration in your organization which is minimizing overhead cost, increasing productivity, decreasing redundancies and more.

With Cloud ERP software as a service, you can all its enterprise resource planning software functions online. Also, cloud ERP software requires minimal upfront cost, as there is no need to invest in computing resources and on-premise hardware.

ERP CRM:The CRM features of ERP solution helps organizations in boosting their customer service and profit per capita. It helps in managing leads, opportunities, and issues. The module provides you with a 360-degree view of your customers interaction with your company, by consolidating their data such as social media activity, purchase record and past interactions. In an ERP, CRM works closely with the sales & marketing module to fast track conversions.

ERP Billing:ERP billing solution feature helps to generate online bulk bills, invoices, and track customer payments, revenue, manage customer complaints, automate the payment reminders. It is efficient in areas like planning, material sourcing, production monitoring, and forecasting. Its key features include the ability to generate bill of material, shop floor control, master production schedule &, sales & distribution plan.

ERP Inventory Management:This module is also known as a material management module. It helps businesses measure stock targets, manage replenishments and other inventory processes. The module uses a products ID number to track and locate items in your inventory. This module is closely integrated with the Purchase module.

Purchasing:The purchasing module manages the functions involved in material procurement. These include quotation requests, master production schedule, analysis, purchase orders, and stock updates. It functions closely with SCM & Inventory modules.

ERP Financial management:This module of ERP software helps manage a businesss capital inflow and outflow. The module covers standard accounting transactions such as expenditure, ledger, bank reconciliation, balance sheet, tax management, and payments. It also generates financial reports for different departments

HRM:The HR module comes with standard HRMS features such as attendance and time tracker, employee database and skills matrix. Some ERP software also comes with performance trackers and payroll. The latter works closely with the financial management module

Sales & Marketing:The sales & marketing module handles relevant workflows such as sales inquiries, sales orders, and invoices. A more advanced ERP solution also features taxation rules and shipping trackers. Sales and CRM modules work in tandem, ultimately to speed up the sales process and help the company in generating more profit.

Integration:Existing software in your organization can be integrated with an ERP system. ERP that you choose should work seamlessly with existing software in your business. An ERP that can easily integrate with existing infrastructure, improve functionalities & ensure smooth file migration, will help your business in the long run.

Increases Efficiency:ERP Software integrates different business processes like accounting, marketing, sales, production and inventory into one platform. The software makes it easier to collect and access data, streamlining cross-departmental workflows, and maintain accountability across the organization.

Likewise, ERP solutions also automate redundant day-to-day tasks like manual data entry & report generation. Automating such repetitive tasks frees your teams time and lets them focus on their core deliverables. For example, marketing can access daily web traffic data without the tech teams assistance or, the accounting team can instantly access sales statistics without chasing the sales team.

Promotes collaboration:Top ERP software breaks down communication walls between departments. Databases are easily shareable while workstations are connected. Such a setup allows teams to easily collaborate with each other using the ERP platform.

Moreover, the best ERP solution further expands collaboration between remotely located teams and headquarters using a localized network. Inducing a culture of collaboration enhances innovation and teamplay and, makes businesses more competitively viable.

Makes accurate forecasts:ERPs reporting tools use filters and analytics to filter through data for inconsistencies. ERP software solutions also ensure that data updated is duplicate-free. With intact data integrity, report generation with realistic forecasts becomes easier.

Advanced ERP solutions come with business intelligence tools that use machine learning and predictive analysis to dig deep into big data. Companies with large data sources can use ERP to gain hidden insights and stay competitively viable.

Lower operational costs:ERP solutions can also be used to cut down costs. When different processes are streamlined and metrics are easily monitored, delays, disruptions, and breakdowns can be anticipated & its impact better managed.

Increases data security :ERP has firewalls and controls to guard against data hacking and/or breach. Having a single database means that access points are closely monitored, and security is concentrated. User permission rules can be defined, giving admins the flexibility to lock sensitive data and limit user access to information.

Upgrade vs Replacement:If you already have an ERP system, evaluate if you need to get a new one or just an upgrade. Most ERPs today can be simply integrated with a new module, with existing applications. This way, you can minimize costs & disruption.

Customization:Ensure that any ERP solution you choose, can work with your key business workflows. Go for an ERP that allows you to customize tools, localize dashboards and configure workflows. This will allow departments to define goals and use the ERP to improve their functioning.

Before you purchase an ERP system, ask the vendor for a trial run of the product or a free demo. This will allow you to be familiarised with the solution and better understand if it is suited for your business.

ERP software solution helps companies define systematic management options for the various resources in an organization. This helps a business generate more revenue and improve functional stability on the economic front.

ERP is important as it integrates the core functions of a business under one system. Using an ERP, businesses dont have to depend on an individual solution for different departments. Since most important departments are included in the platform, internal communication & collaboration becomes simpler. It streamlines workflow and increases the efficiency of an enterprise.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) have different approaches in contributing to a businesss functioning, but their goal is more or less the same to increase profits. ERP helps in reducing overhead costs while CRM helps in increasing profits by producing more sales volume.

PLM software comes first by managing product development and its processes and erp softwaremanages the supply chain including the inventory, pricing, and payments. Both these software integratesto provide the most up to date product data at any time.

polymer material mixing extrusion technology and complete equipment - ptfe machinery

polymer material mixing extrusion technology and complete equipment - ptfe machinery

Our advantage support: 1. 15-year experience of PTFE machine and mold with continue improvement; 2. Expert PTFE extruder in China with high technology; 3.We are specialized in researching and developing PTFE extruder and mold; 4. Process technology instruction to support qualified mass production; 5. Prompt response for after service; 6. Extruded rod/Tube can be used directly no need furnace. 7. Extrusion line continues extruder with an unlimited length of Rod. 8. easy operation with a stable high-quality operation. 9. Constant high quality of the products through permanent electrical measurement of the extrusion pressure and precise.

Mixing extrusion process is the only way for polymer materials, especially plastics, to move from products to industrialization. Modern polymer materials are developing towards high-performance polymer structural materials, new polymer functional materials and general polymer materials with low cost and high performance.

High performance polymer structural materials are characterized by high specific strength, excellent corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and easy processing, which are of great significance to the development of national economy and national security. Due to its unique functional and special type, new polymer functional materials have been widely used in the industrial fields such as ecological environment protection, information functionalization, biomedical equipment, material separation membrane, energy conversion and energy storage technology. High performance of general polymer materials and low cost of engineering plastics are still the focus of current research and development of polymer materials and an important measure to expand the application scope of general plastics and engineering plastics.

In addition to some processing properties of traditional polymer materials, the new polymer materials have many differences in physical and chemical properties. Appeared with the development of new polymeric materials, the fields of application broadening, to high polymer material mixing extrusion are also put forward higher request, the traditional mixing technology and equipment have not well some new high polymer material to meet the demand of the mixing, therefore, the development of new type mixing extrusion technology and equipment, to meet the needs of the new polymer materials to industrialization, mixing equipment BNR; at the same time, also is inevitable trend of the development of polymer processing equipment today.

Modern mixing and mixing extrusion technology is to blend existing polymer materials with a variety of polymers or add other materials to optimize the combination of different materials, so as to significantly improve the material properties, or give raw materials with new properties, adding new varieties to the polymer family. In the whole plastics industry, about 60% of the plastics have to be mixed and modified to produce new materials. Most of these complex processing processes are completed in the mixing equipment represented by the twin screw extruder. Using the same direction twin screw to mix extrusion has the following advantages:

(1) excellent mixing and plasticizing performance, which can fully guarantee the dispersion uniformity and performance uniformity of various materials after mixing, and is suitable for complex operations such as filling, blending, glass fiber reinforcement, reactive extrusion and volatile removal of various resins and plastics.

(3) screw meshing, self-cleaning effect is good; The material achieves superior surface renewal effect and excellent exhaust performance, which can eliminate the gas or monomer generated in the mixing and plasticizing process.

(4) high screw speed, large production capacity, low power consumption per unit production, obvious energy saving effect. Based on the above advantages, the co-directional twin-screw mixing extrusion technology has an irreplaceable advantage in polymer material processing equipment and occupies a leading position in polymer material modification production. At present, the new type twin-screw compounding and the latest application of extrusion technology is mainly manifested in the following aspects: the preparation of nanometer material modification is high polymer material rigid Gao Ren type of low cost, high polymer alloy materials, electromagnetic shielding polymeric materials, novel polymer materials for degradable plastics, electronic packaging, new masterbatch and various functional masterbatch, etc., can also be used to new composite materials (such as wood plastic composite) the production and preparation of new materials, in addition, can also be used for polymer grafting, polycondensation of reactive extrusion. The industries involved include household appliances, automobiles, communications, electronic technology, national defense, aerospace, environmental protection, chemical industry, building materials, electric power, etc.

2. Development of new polymer material extrusion technology with twin screw At present, the development direction of new polymer materials, which are mainly composed of nanomaterials, degradable plastics, modified asphalt and wood-plastic composite materials, centers on the industrialization of these materials, and the same-direction twin-screw extrusion technology becomes the key to realize the industrialization. Compared with ordinary polyolefin materials, these materials have great differences in material system composition, molecular structure and rheological properties.

(1) Nanomaterials are becoming a new type of materials developed by various countries in the world. From the preparation of nanometer masterbatch to the production of nanometer modified plastics, twin-screw extruder plays an irreplaceable role in the industrialization of nanometer plastics. Firstly, due to the particle size distribution of nanomaterials, the mixing extrusion and dispersion effects are required to be high. Secondly, the preparation of nanometer masterbatch for inviscid melt characteristics, low toughness, contains a large amount of gas extrusion and additives in the process of removing products of decomposition, and the traditional polymer under different state of plasticizing characteristics such as high brittleness, cooling and finished product process is different from ordinary polyolefin masterbatch process. From mixing and plasticizing extruder to cooling and granulation, many innovative developments are needed. Therefore, the general cooling method of molten polymer cannot be adopted. The final product is produced by adopting the closed feeding mode with powder collection, adopting the new high-efficiency dense rotor element in the screw, setting buffer type exhaust mode in the cylinder, and adopting the route of belt conveying and cooling, pre-crushing and crushing in the material strip cooling and crushing.

(2) There are a lot of starch in the development of starch filled degradable plastics, double degradable plastics and whole starch thermoplastic plastics. In addition to plasticizing and mixing them, exhaust dehydration and residence time distribution in the extrusion process have become problems that need to be solved when mixing and granulating. Therefore, according to the specific materials, the appropriate host screw length-diameter ratio, exhaust location and quantity, screw structure and arrangement, additive adding mode and adding point should be selected to test and determine the configuration; At the same time, the operation technology and technology also become the key problem of the degradation plastic twin-screw extrusion. The above key technologies can be based on the existing successful experience, combined with extrusion process experiment and results analysis, finally determine the extrusion process equipment configuration.

(3) Modified asphalt has become a new direction of polymer material modification. Focusing on its application in highway construction, airport reconstruction and expansion projects, improving its temperature resistance and low temperature brittle property is the main direction of improving its application value. Because of the extensive molecular weight distribution and the structure of macromolecule, the modification of asphalt has not been much improved. Modified asphalt is very special, has both belong to the characteristics of the rubber plastic blending, but also has the content of the product post-processing, transport of twin screw extruder, mixing elements of development, such as extrusion granulation are put forward new requirements, need innovation to develop new type structure and configuration of the screw element, console, selected double screw part in all kinds of test parameters, such as screw length to diameter ratio, number and position of exhaust section, shear rate, extruding form and structure, etc.

(4) In terms of material science, WPC is a new material with great potential. It is reported that plant fiber composites have been widely used in automobile industry, construction industry, transportation industry, aviation industry and so on due to their high mechanical properties, specific hardness, specific strength, sound absorption and biodegradability. In wood fiber, wood powder mixed with resin matrix, the mixture of different methods of wood fiber in composite material obtained by dispersing uniformity of difference is very big, to realize the industrialization of the wood plastic composite this new material production is the key to the extrusion process and special structure form of extruder, the technology innovation point lies in the segmented charging ways, special screw type structure, TME and ZME element, high torque gear transmission system, large screw length to diameter ratio and D/Di = 1.55 free volume, the one-step method of twin-screw extrusion production.

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birdstone proves packaging design with clear 3d printed prototypes | 3d systems

birdstone proves packaging design with clear 3d printed prototypes | 3d systems

Anyone who has opened a box of crackers to find the contents reduced to broken bits and pieces knows firsthand the consequences of poor packaging. Carmans, an Australian food company passionate about only using the best ingredients, is mindful of how it delivers its products to consumers to ensure a high quality experience before the first bite is ever taken. Therefore, when Carmans launched its new Super Seed & Grain Crackers, the food company kept presentation and preservation top of mind, and enlisted Birdstone, an Australian packaging design agency, to design an engaging tray insert. Due to the various requirements they needed to balance, multiple prototypes were required to demonstrate the proposed designs both aesthetically and functionally.

The packaging considerations in play for Carmans were multifaceted: it needed to be easy to open, functional as a serving vessel, and enable Carmans customers to reclose the container for storage. For ease of access, it was determined that the crackers should be stacked in three columns with room to encase the top crackers without crushing them, but also be easy to fill to not disrupt the production line. Lastly, the packaging needed to meet the retailer requirement for vertical packaging to maximize differentiation on the shelves. There was also a question of on-shelf instability due to the light weight of the product and the properties of the tray material.

Birdstone worked closely with Carmans marketing and product development teams as well as its packaging supplier to review and narrow the packaging design concepts to two. From the outset, the top priority was to maintain supply chain efficiency throughout packaging manufacturing and product filling, followed closely by building brand equity into the tray with an effective and hassle-free customer experience. Relaying this information to 3D Systems On Demand Manufacturing, Birdstone and the 3D printing service bureau talked about the requirements for the prototypes.

Due to the complexity of the casing designs and unique functional requirements involved, 3D Systems On Demand Manufacturing experts helped Birdstone select the most suitable prototyping process, materials, and finishing process to meet its outlined requirements. Using Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing on 3D Systems ProX 800 machine, 3D Systems built both a one- and two-piece prototype in Accura ClearVue, a rigid and tough clear 3D plastic material offering the highest clarity and transparency on the market.

In just four days, the SLA prototypes were printed and finished to meet Birdstones quality and realism requirements. 3D Systems On Demand Manufacturing experts followed the premium finishing protocol for Accura ClearVue to deliver water-clear prototypes through a process of wet and dry sanding followed by clear coating. These prototypes were then submitted for manufacturing tests and consumer research to validate and rate the success of each concept, and to assess the performance and limitations of each packaging option at all critical touch points.

At this stage, Birdstone ordered four copies of the leading packaging design from 3D Systems On Demand Manufacturing, which were created using 3D Systems cast urethane process. The preferred SLA prototype was used to make a mold which was then used to cast additional water-clear copies using polyurethane, a material very close to what would be used for the final product.

Following full evaluation of the clear prototypes, the final design was officially selected: an attractive one-piece clamshell case, uniquely contoured to the shape of the stacked biscuits. According to Grant Davies, Director, Design & Strategy at Birdstone, The final design plays to the strengths of the packaging material and provides a secure, re-useable home for the crackers throughout the supply chain and into the customers hands. It is functional enough to be filled, stylish enough to serve from, and securely re-closeable for on-the-go snacking. Birdstone says that by adding another level of consumer engagement through functional and aesthetic packaging, Carmans is able to offer a deeper brand experience beyond consumption.

Carmans exciting range of crackers has forged a new place in the market for the company, and the tray has earned it many fans through the cleverness and convenience of its design. Birdstone says it is delighted to have contributed to a successful final product for its client, and to answer the unique challenges of the project within a tight deadline. As usual, says Davies, 3D Systems On Demand Manufacturing was a wonderful partner and worked with us to provide the most effective and appealing concept prototypes within the project budget.

finishing of jeans and quality control - sciencedirect

finishing of jeans and quality control - sciencedirect

This chapter on the finishing and quality control of jeans starts with the process flow of different treatments involving both dry and wet processes. It further discusses the different printing techniques for creating multiple designs on denim jeans. Detailed sections follow on the finishing of denim fabrics as well as the different functional finishing treatments that can provide technical properties for denim garments. Further, the final trimming and pressing operations are dealt with. Finally, in the quality control section, the potential defects like strength loss, shading, stains, yellowing and seaming defects that influence marketability or serviceability of denim garments are discussed and the possible remedies are suggested.

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