maintenance of rod mill crusher

maintenance of rod mill crusher

Xinguang Machinery is one of the leading manufacturers in producing high efficiency and energy-saving mining machinery in Henan Province, China. We mainly provide ball mills, stone crushers, magnetic separators, floatation machines, pelletizers, vibrating feeders, vibrating screens, sand-washing machines, belt conveyors, driers and rotary kilns. Today Xinguang will explain the maintenance of rod mill crusher. The rod mill crusher is a reliable and effective sand crusher with a wide range of uses. It can be used for the grinding and breaking of feldspar, quartz and ores, as well as be used to make abrasives and refractories. The rod mill crusher can be used for fine and medium crushing of many hard and brittle materials such as cement, steel grit, slag powder, copper ore, iron ore, gold ore, concrete aggregate and asphalt aggregate etc. It is an efficient, energy-saving equipment for sand and gravels making, 50% energy saving than traditional sand making machine, is the world's advanced sand making equipment at present. Minor overhaul: Check the contact surface of the spherical bearing, and the contact gap between the bush and the tapered surface inspection between the eccentric sleeve, the drive bevel gear to check radial and axial clearance; correct fit of the drive shaft sleeve; sleeve and the shaft and measuring the gap between; adjust protection board; replace lubricants. Medium maintenance: Minor repairs completed on the basis of the entire contents, focusing on inspection and repair: a movable cone lining and adjustment ring, eccentric bushings, spherical bearings and seals, etc. The gap in the repair time depends on the state of wear of these parts. Overhaul: In addition to all the projects completed in the repair of the main cone crusher is a thorough overhaul. Maintenance of the project is: the replacement of the movable cone frame, eccentric bushings, gears and moving cone tapered spindle and so on. After the restoration of the crusher must be corrected and adjusted. Overhaul of the time gap depends on the degree of wear of these components. Xinguang adopts imported material and advanced techniques for our product manufacturing. We have introduced advanced technology for becoming bigger and stronger. We conquer market by perfect products, develop by our best quality, win customers by our reliable service and promote development by our credit standing. Starting for clients' demands and ending with clients' satisfaction, our company supplies technique, building design, instruction, and installation and debugging for free. We will offer lifelong services and provide spare parts for a long term. We expect your choice and prepare to provide you with heartfelt service at any time. Welcome to visit our factory.

maintenance of the rod mill - news - brightsail industries group co.,ltd

maintenance of the rod mill - news - brightsail industries group co.,ltd

The main grinding medium in the rod mill body is the steel rod, which is the origin of its name. The machine consists of five parts: the cylinder, the feeding, the discharging, the main bearing and the transmission.

In general, the rod mill is a milling machine that operates 24 hours a day. After the power is turned on, the material feeding machine continuously feeds, and the motor drives the cylinder to rotate under the action of the speed reducing device. The steel rod and the material in the cylinder will move together under the action of centrifugal force and friction force, and will reach itself when reaching the highest point. Dropped by gravity. Final comminuted mineral removal.

Maintenance is a way to effectively extend the life of the machine, so in order to create long-term economic value, the rod mill should pay attention to maintenance during use. We recommend that when the mill is running for one month, it is necessary to release all the lubricants, thoroughly clean the machine, then pour in new oil, and keep this habit regularly. In addition, the lubrication and oil level of each part are checked according to the operating specifications. In the long-term working process of the mill, the transmission bearing heat is normal, but the temperature should not be higher than 55 C, so as not to burn out the parts and cause the strike.

Whether it is a rod mill or a ball mill, maintenance is a regular and regular work. The working attitude directly affects the extremely long life and work efficiency. It is recommended that relevant personnel make records, summarize the rules, and reasonably arrange overhaul and medium repair.

rolling mill equipment maintenance - steel rolling mill machine

rolling mill equipment maintenance - steel rolling mill machine

Generally, there are strict rules and regulations in the production process of rolling mill workshop, because there is a certain risk in operating rolling machinery and equipment. Since the development of rolling mill, many industrial products on the market have been produced directly or indirectly by rolling mill. The development of rolling mill in the future is to eliminate a large number of labor costs in the production of rolling mill. Rolling mill is the most critical equipment for iron and steel enterprises. Rolling mill promotes the development of many industries.

The temperature of billet in the rolling mill is 1200. The entry roller, exit rollers and the lifting rollers of the TMT rebar steel rolling mill must be paid more attention, which requires each worker should know all kinds of safety common sense, the performance of rolling mill equipment, especially some workers of heating furnace, the furnace temperature is 800-1200. Combined with temperature meter and observation, to ensure the quality and negative pressure of billet. The fuel of heating is several kinds of materials, including anthracite, waste oil, natural gas and so on. Using the gas generator as a tool can reduce air pollution. The heating furnace must be equipped with pusher, and the ingot in the furnace must have 5-30 tons of raw materials.

In regard to the maintenance of rolling mill reheating furnace, the workers should carefully inspect the vulnerable parts such as furnace top, furnace wall and furnace door before opening the furnace normally. If cracks and spalling are found, the relevant departments should be contacted in time. The main measure to maintain the furnace body of the rolling mill is to prevent rapid cooling and heating. Therefore, it is necessary to operate strictly according to the heating curve or cooling curve. Whether the heating furnace equipment maintenance of rolling mill is timely or reasonable will directly affect the normal operation of the furnace and the service life of the furnace. Standardized and reasonable operation, timely and correct maintenance of rolling mill are prerequisites for energy saving and consumption reduction of furnace and prolongation of the service life of rolling mill.

The application of rolling mill equipment in the industrial production process has large thrust, low noise, and good energy-saving effect. Continuous casting and rolling should pay more attention to cultivating high-tech operators. The speed of the rolling mill is fast, the standard is high, and the output of the rolling mill equipment and the progress of the project are closely related to the upper screw-down device. Most of the small rolling mills are manually pressed, and the scales are mounted on the pressing screws. The rolling speed of the strip rolling mill is generally 8mm, and the bar and the rebar head are pressed at 40%. It is important for the maintenance of the burner to prevent the blockage of the gas tar. The blockage is generally caused by the high tar content of the coal stove. Therefore, after a period of use, the tar in the burner is checked by a professional. The condition of the rolling mill equipment requires the operating space around the heating furnace, as well as the surrounding walkways to ensure smooth, clean, non-stacking, and avoid running, rushing, dripping, leaking and so on.

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