china rod milling manufacturers, suppliers, factory - best price rod milling made in china - z-land heavy industry

china rod milling manufacturers, suppliers, factory - best price rod milling made in china - z-land heavy industry

Capacity: 6-103t/h Application: used in refractory materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, glass and other industries; It can also be used as the first grade grinding equipment in artificial sand, concentrator, chemical plant and power department. Materials: quartz sand, dolomite, pebbles, limestone, iron ore, granite

MB rod mill is widely applied to grind various ores, rocks and artificial sand in metal and non-metal mining, water resources, glass construction industries that require even granularity of products and less powder sand. Highly-efficient and energy-saving rod mill replaces engine sliding bearings support with rolling bearings support. Compared with the sliding bearing support, it can save energy about 10-20% and improves the productivity about 10-20% under the same power.

Rod mill drives the shell to revolve by the reducer and the gear reducer transmission or drives down directly by the gear driven by the low speed synchronous motor. There is proper ore grinding medium-steel stick inside the shell. Under the action of centrifugal force and the friction, the medium is lifted to a certain height and fall down freely. Materials continuously enter into the shell from the feeding inlet and are crushed by moving medium. Then, they will be discharged out of the machine by the force of overflow and continuous feeding. The rod mill features even granularity, large particles and less slime. Compared to the ball mill, the size distribution curve of open-circuit rod mill is the same as that of the close-circuit rod mill. The granularity character of products has relation to the crushed ores. The rod first hit the coarse particles and then smaller ones which reduces the risk of over-crushing. When the rod goes upward spirally along the liner mixed with coarse particles, just like the grizzly screen, fine particles will pass through the gap between rods which is beneficial to crush coarse particles and make them gathered in the beat area of the medium. Therefore, the products are comparatively even with less over-crushing.

3Before delivery, the machine has already run for hours in the factory with all parts being normal. Nevertheless, it must be comprehensively checked whether the lubricating pipe is tightly connected after the field installation. Before the test run, it must be refilled with MOBIL lubricating oil.

4All junctions among components must be checked to ensure that they are fixed reliably. If there is any foreign substance on the impeller, it must be eliminated in time. Check the wiring of the motor to see whether it's correct.

5. The motor should be firstly started before installing the belt. The sense of rotation shall be uniform with that of the label, that is, the impeller rotates anticlockwise looking from the feeding inlet. If the direction is opposite to that of the label, the wiring should be adjusted. For the machine driven by two motors, the main bearing assembly and the motors on two sides are connected by V-belt of equal quantity respectively. The tension force of V-belts on both sides should be adjusted equally and straightly.

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wet grid ball mill

wet grid ball mill

Grid ball mill is widely used in smashing all kinds of ores and other materials, ore dressing and national economic departments like building and chemical industries etc. The size of ore shall not exceed 65mm and the best feed size is under 6mm. The effect in this job is better than coarse grinding. Grid ball mill consists of the shell, feeding part, discharging part, main bearing, lubricating system, driving system and other parts. There is wearing a liner inside the shell, and both ends of the shell are provided with a flange. The end cover of the mill is connected with the flange plate. The feeding part consists of the head, trunnion and feeding device. The discharge part includes the grid plate, head, and discharge trunnion.

Wet Grid ball mill is mainly used for mixing and grinding materials in two types: dry grinding and wet grinding .It has advantages of fineness uniformity and power saving. The machine uses different types of liner to meet different customer needs. The grinding fineness of material can be controlled by grinding time. The electro-hydraulic machine is auto-coupled and decompressed to reduce the starting current, and its structure is divided into integral type and independent type.

Compared with similar products,Wet Grid ball mill has the characteristics of low investment, low energy consumption, novel structure, simple operation, stable and reliable performance. It is suitable for mixing and grinding ordinary and special materials. The users can choose the right type, liner and medium type by considering the specific gravity, hardness, yield and other factors. The grinding medium is Wet Grid ball.

1.The ball mill is composed of a horizontal cylinder, a hollow shaft for feeding and discharging, and a grinding head. The main body is a long cylinder made of steel. The cylinder is provided with an abrasive body, and the steel lining plate is fixed to the cylinder body. The grinding body is generally a steel ball and is loaded into the cylinder according to different diameters and a certain proportion, and the grinding body can also be used with a steel section.

2.According to the particle size of the grinding material, the material is loaded into the cylinder by the hollow shaft of the wet grid ball mill feeding end. When the ball mill cylinder rotates, the grinding body acts on the cylinder liner due to the action of inertia and centrifugal force and friction. It is carried away by the cylinder. When it is brought to a certain height, it is thrown off due to its own gravity. The falling abrasive body crushes the material in the cylinder like a projectile.

3.The material is uniformly fed into the first chamber of the mill by the feeding device through the hollow shaft of the feeding material. The chamber has a step liner or a corrugated liner, and various steel balls are loaded therein. The rotation of the cylinder generates centrifugal force to bring the steel ball to a certain extent. The height drops and then hits and grinds the material. After the material reaches the rough grinding in the first bin, it enters the second bin through the single-layer partition plate. The bin is embedded with a flat liner with steel balls inside to further grind the material. The powder is discharged through the discharge raft to complete the grinding operation.

The main function of the steel ball in the ball mill is to impact crush the material and also play a certain grinding effect. Therefore, the purpose of grading steel balls is to meet the requirements of these two aspects. The quality of the crushing effect directly affects the grinding efficiency, and ultimately affects the output of the ball mill. Whether the crushing requirement can be achieved depends on whether the grading of the steel ball is reasonable, mainly including the size of the steel ball, the number of ball diameters, and the ball of various specifications. Proportion and so on.

The ball mill is composed of the main part such as a feeding part, a discharging part, a turning part, a transmission part (a reduction gear, a small transmission gear, a motor, and electric control). The hollow shaft is made of cast steel, the inner lining can be replaced, the rotary large gear is processed by casting hobbing, and the barrel is embedded with wear-resistant lining, which has good wear resistance. The machine runs smoothly and works reliably.

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