maglev - term paper

maglev - term paper

...Essay Thesis: Maglev trains will be the future of transportation providing benefits for the environment, society, and economic benefits. In our world today we have many problems. Problems that we are facing are environmental, social, and economic issues. This is due to the fact that traveling to work has become a hassle and when your using your car it also causes environmental damage. When people travel in their cars they have to fill it up with gas, which we have seen, gas prices increasing tremendously. This causes social problems because people dont want to travel because its too expensive. The environmental problems we have are the fact that CO2 emissions are polluting over environment and causing harm to everyone. The result of this is global warming which is affecting our environment and society. Economic issues are the fact that importing and exporting oil is expensive. This is why we need to find an alternative. Thats why Maglev trains will be the future of transportation providing benefits for the environment, society, and economic benefits. Maglev trains use electromagnets, which make the train levitate. This causes the train to cause no friction and may be a travel solution of the future. This means that it doesnt cause any noise pollution, which is great for ecosystems living around the track and also benefits society because then they dont have to here the noise of the train, which most people find annoying. Personally I live right by the GO......

...Presentation On Magnetic Levitation Trains For [pic] ABSTRACT Imagine a train that doesn't touch its track and think of the potential for lower guide way maintenance costs as a result. Imagine a train that speeds along much faster than anything on the highway with a ride as smooth as silk. Imagine that train being capable of speeds higher than any other ground-based transportation system. Maglev can provide this speed and compete directly with airline travel. As stated by American Maglev, "Maglev means magnetically levitated and propelled vehicles. The advantage of maglev is that it can achieve very high speed and acceleration/deceleration performance because the vehicles essentially "fly" at very low altitudes - unlike trains or cars; there is no surface contact or "friction" to slow them down. More speed = more passengers." Only when we have real revenue-producing systems in operation will be able to prove whether this is true or not. In Maglevwhich is short for MAGNETIC LEVITATIONhigh speed vehicles are lifted by magnetic repulsion, and propelled along an elevated guide way by powerful magnets attached to the vehicle. The vehicles do not physically contact the guide way, do not need engines, and do not burn fuel. Instead, they are magnetically propelled by electric power fed to coils located on the guide way. Indeed this is the beginning of the......

...Many are inefficient compared to other possibilities. Maglev trains have great potential for our fast paced world we live in; they can provide cheap and efficient transportation if further developed. This paper will demonstrate how maglev trains work with electromagnets. We will provide information about the history of early electromagnets. We will also provide information on the locomotion process, which is done through the generation of an electromagnet field by the rotor around the stationary magnet causing the torque from the magnet to pull or push it [1]. The paper will describe how each part of the electromagnet works. There are projects that we will discuss that helped further the development of electromagnets. Well inform the reader of current working models around the world. As well as describing the train and how it functions and various examples of the types of systems. We will also give information about the ethics behind the train. New technologies in todays world must not only perform in the short term but also into the foreseeable future. Sustainability is one of the most important factors to be considered before adopting any type of new technology, and Maglev trains are no exception. Luckily for maglevs the way they work leads to high sustainability. This paper will talk about sustainably as well. Through this paper one will gather greater knowledge about electromagnets and maglev...

...The B&O Railroad By: Jaime Lewis For: Professor Knutson November 26, 2013 CON 101 Abstract The construction of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad started in July of 1828. The city of Baltimore came up with the idea to build this railroad from Baltimore to Ohio because of the competition throughout the popular seaports in the United States. Baltimore was already a popular city, but adding a train that could carry people as well as goods would make more people travel to Baltimore, and other places along the trains route, bring goods into Baltimore, and help keep Baltimore alive. The B&O railroad was always expanding. The railroad is best known for being the first railroad in the United States that used a steam locomotive. B&O Railroad Why was there a need for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad? The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad was built due to competition throughout the main seaports in the United States. Due to the fact that Baltimore is at the top of the Chesapeake Bay, it had many advantages over other ports. Another way for goods to be transported from Baltimore all they way to Ohio was a great idea for Baltimore, therefore causing the plan for the B&O Railroad. During this time Baltimore was flooding with business. They constantly had ships coming into the harbor as well as trucks riding the highways. Baltimore was (and still is) such a popular and thriving city, so the railroad made sense to help keep business, and the city, alive. Baltimore had......

...Now a new transportation mode has occurred that can clearly compete with planes in both speed and safety. They are called MAGLEV trains. The full form and the basic working principle of MAGLEV are called magnetic levitation. Many believe this mode of transportation holds great promise and offers considerable advantages. These trains use far less energy than other types of transportation and do not pollute. They can run at an average speed of 250mph that can climb much higher. The beauty of MAGLEVS is that they travel on air. The consequent elimination of friction means much greater efficiency. Hence this gives an advantage over a regular train because there is no friction between wheels and the track. 2. WORKING PRINCIPLE The principle of magnetic levitation is that a vehicle can be suspended and propelled on a guidance track made with magnets. The vehicle on top of the track may be propelled with the help of a linear induction motor. Although the vehicle does not use steel rail they are still referred to as trains by definition they are along chain of vehicles which travel in the same direction. This is the definition of magnetic levitation (MAGLEV) train. As the frictional parts are minimum in this type of technology, the MAGLEV trains are known to have more speed, smoothness and less sound. The... the development of a novel maglev vehicle concept. This prototype demonstrates many of the key advantages of the technology which uses permanent magnets for levitation and does not require any moving parts in a track bifurcation. Key design features and performance characteristics of the prototype are described: the control system for stable levitation, the linear synchronous motor for propulsion and the method of track switching. Alternative system configurations and other applications of the technology are also briefly discussed. 1 INTRODUCTION The repelling forces resulting from bringing like poles of two magnets together is a commonly experienced phenomenon. The use of this repelling force to levitate a vehicle was considered early in the exploration of maglev vehicle technologies (Pollgreen 1964, Olsen 1965), but was largely discarded due to poor performance of the magnetic materials available at the time. As SmCo materials became available, the approach was revisited but again set aside by most due to the materials high cost (Sinha 1987). In the 1980s and 90s NdFeB materials began to be developed as a low cost alternative and have steadily improved over time. Today, NdFeB magnetic materials offer a very economical option with more than adequate performance for use in maglev vehicles and their tracks. LaunchPoint Technologies, in collaboration with Applied Levitation and Fastransit Inc., has been developing a permanent magnet maglev vehicle concept which......

...A seminar on Study of working of magnetic levitation trains. By Shubham Sharma Guided by Sagar Shinde Department Of Mechanical Engineering Pad. Dr. Dy Patil Institute Of Engineering, Management And Research Pad. Dr. Dy Patil Institute Of Engineering, Management And Research CERTIFICATE This is to certify that Mr. Shubham Sharma has successfully completed the seminar work entitled study of working of magnetic levitation trains under my supervision, in partial fulfillment of bachelor of engineering mechanical engineering, by university of pune. Date: Place: Guide: Mr. Sagar Shinde Mrs. Amruta Adwant Guide Head, MechanicalEngineering, DYPIEMR Principal, SEAL DYPIEMR AKNOWLEDGEMENT With immense pleasure I am presenting this seminar report on Study of working of magnetic levitation......

...PROJECT TITLE: TEAM MEMBERS : Datta TEAM MENTORS: BASIC AIM: Maglev Rahul Agrawal , Chirag Gagrani , Akhil Lohia , Sohum RP Suman , Sachin Agarwal Our project is to build a miniature working model of MAGLEV, or more specifically, we will make a car that can be instructed to move forward or backward on a short magnetic linear track by means of magnetic levitation. BACKGROUND: Magnetic levitation (maglev) is an innovative transportation technology. It is sometimes said to be the first fundamental innovation in the field of railroad technology since the invention of the railway. A high speed maglev train uses non-contact magnetic levitation, guidance and propulsion systems and has no wheels, axles and transmission. The replacement of mechanical components by wear-free electronics overcomes the technical restrictions of wheel-on-rail technology. Compared with traditional railways, maglev systems have features that could constitute an attractive transportation alternative: 1. High Speed 2. High Safety 3. Less Pollution 4. Low Energy Consumption PROJECT MOTIVATION: Magnetism has fascinated humans for centuries. So we were looking for a project based on the concept of magnetism. The idea for this project came after discussing with the coordinators and reading a Scientific American Article that described proposed maglev systems around the world and their potential for future travel. THEORY OF OPERATION: Maglev is defined as a family of technologies in which a......

...INTRODUCTION MAGNETIC LEVITATION TRASPORT, OR MAGLEV, IS A FORM OF TRANSPORTATION THAT SUSPENDS, GUIDES AND PROPELS VEHICLES VIA ELECTROMAGNETIC FORCE Air flights are and will remain beyond the reach of a major section of society, particularly in India. Moreover there are problems of wastage of time in air traffic delays and 2 growing safety concerns. Trends in increased mobility of large masses with changing lifestyle for more comfort are leading to congestion on roads with automobiles. Besides, increasing pollution levels from automobiles, depleting fuel resources, critical dependence on the fuel import and due to a limited range of mobility of buses and cars the need for fast and reliable transportation is increasing throughout the world. High-speed rail has been the solution for many countries. Trains are fast, comfortable, and energy-efficient and magnetic levitation may be an even better solution.Development of magnetic levitated transport systems is under progress in developed countries and it is just a matter of time they make inroads to India as well. Therefore, it will be interesting to know about the science and technology behind mass ground transport system known as "magnetic flight". A LITTLE HISTORY In 1922 a German engineer named Hermann Kemper recorded his first ideas for an electromagnetic levitation train. He received a patent in 1934 and one year later demonstrated the first functioning...

...the 1970s that Japan and Germany showed interest in it and began researching and designing. The motion of the Maglev train is based purely on magnetism and magnetic fields. This magnetic field is produced by using high-powered electromagnets. By using magnetic fields, the Maglev train can be levitated above its track, or guideway, and propelled forward. Wheels, contact with the track, and moving parts are eliminated on the Maglev train, allowing the Maglev train to essentially move on air without friction. [pic] FIGURE[1] BASIC PRINCIPLE OF MAGLEV TRAIN Maglev can be used for both low and high speed transportation. The low speed Maglev is used for short distance travel. Birmingham, England used this low speed transportation between the years of 1984 and 1995. However, engineers are more interested in creating the high-speed Maglev vehicles. The higher speed vehicle can travel at speeds of nearly 343mph or 552 km/h. Magnetic Levitation mainly uses two different types of suspension, which are Electromagnetic Suspension and Electrodynamic Suspension. However, a third suspension system (Intuctrack) has recently been developed and is in the research and design phase. These suspension systems are what keep the train levitated off the track. PROPULSION SYSTEM ELECTRODYNAMIC PROPULSION IS THE BASIS OF THE MOVEMENT IN A MAGLEV SYSTEM. THE BASIC PRINCIPLE THAT ELECTROMAGNETIC...

...Intrpduction : Maglev systems are becoming a popular application around the globe. Maglev trains are popular in transportation stations in big countries like Germany, China, Japan and the United States of America due to the demand for high-speed transportation, as the general public transportation services become more congested with increase of population. Maglev trains are magnetically levitated trains that traverse in a very high speed, with only electricity being its main source of energy. The train propels forward without any friction from moving mechanical parts. It has many advantages with minor drawbacks. The basis of maglev trains mechanisms are magnetic levitation. This is achieved with the principal of repulsion and attraction between two magnetic poles. When two magnets have the same poles, it will repel with each other and when it has different poles, the result would be otherwise. There are currently three known maglev suspension systems. In this project report, we will be covering the basic principals of Electrodynamic Suspension Systems (EDS), Electromagnetic Suspension Systems (EMS) and Inductrack. The three suspension systems each have different characteristics and special features. While EDS and EMS both use only the interaction of magnets and superconductors, Inductrack uses coils on the track underneath the train body. All three suspension systems work under the same principal of magnetic levitation covered in this project report. The maglev......

...ABSTRACT Maglev has been a long standing dream of railway engineers for the past century. These engineers envisioned a train that could float above its tracks. They saw the enormous potential for a train like this. The research on magnetic train which called maglev train was started in the beginning of the 1990 century. This concept lay dormant for about60 years. Then Japanese started their research on maglev train in the beginning of 1970 & constructed their first test line in 1997. German also started their research on maglev train in early 1970. It took them ten years to complete their first test line. The train works on the principle of electromagnetic effect. In this there is no friction between the train and track. The electromagnet on the underside of train pulls it up to the ferromagnetic stator on the track & levitates the train. The magnet on the side keeps the train from side to side. A computer changes the amount of current to keep the train 1 cm from the track. This means there is no friction between track & train. As it is high speed train compare to other types of train also noise level due to this train very less & energy consume is less, it is very convenient & beneficial to use. CHAPTER 1:-INTRODUCTION 1.1 History:- Magneticlevitationis the latest in transportation technology and has been the interest of many countries around the world. The idea has been around since 1904 when Robert Goddard, an American Rocket scientist, created......

...How works a Maglev train? A brief review of magnets will help explain how maglev (magneticlevitation) trains work. Every magnet has a north pole and a south pole. Similar poles of two magnets repel each other; opposite poles attract each other. These principles govern the levitation of maglev trains. Permanent magnetsare always magnetic.Electromagnetsare magnetic only when an electric current flows through them. The north and south poles of an electromagnet are related to the direction of the current. If the direction of the current is reversed, the poles are reversed. In maglevs that levitate by magneticrepulsion, the train lies over the guideway. Magnets on top of the guideway are oriented to repel similar poles of magnets in the bottom of the maglev. This pushes the train upward into a hovering position. This system is designed for maglevs that contain groups of extremely powerful superconducting electromagnets. These magnets use less electricity than conventional electromagnets, but they must be cooled to very low temperaturesfrom 269 degrees Celsius to 196 degrees Celsius. In maglevs that levitate by magnetic attraction, the bottom of the train wraps around the guideway. Levitation magnets on the underside of the guideway are positioned to attract the opposite poles of magnets on the wraparound section of the maglev. This raises the train off the track. The magnets in the guideway attract the wraparound section only strongly enough to raise the train a few......

...California HighSpeedRail Series High Speed Rail in Japan: A Review and Evaluation of Magnetic Levitation Trains MamomTaniguchi Working Paper UCTCNo. I02 The University of California Transportation Center Umversity California of Berkeley, CA 94720 The University Transportation of California Center The University of California Transportation Center (UCTC) is one of ten regional units mandated by Congress and established in Fall 1988 to support research, education, and training in surface transportation. The UCCenter serves federal Region IX and is supported by matching grants from the U.$. Departmerit of Transportation, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), and the University. Based on the Berkeley Campus, UCTCdraws upon existing capabilities and resources of the Institutes of Transportation Studies at Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, and Los Angeles; the Institute of Urban and Regional Development at Berkeley; and several academic departments at the Berkeley, Davis, Irvhae, and Los Angeles campuses. Faculty and students on other University of California campuses may participate in Center activities. Researchers at other universities within the region also have opportunities to collaborate with UCfaculty on selected studies. UCTCseducational and research programs are focused on strategic planning for improving metropolitan accessibility, with emphasis on the special conditions in Region IX. Particular attention is directed to strategies for using......

...electricity, gravity etc. have been a constituent of earth science. The spinning of the earth and things like gravity force etc. is due to the earths magnetism property. Here we are introducing asimple DIY science project for studentsor hobbyist Maglev Train. Magnetic suspension, Maglev and Magnetic levitation are an approach by which a thing or any object is hanging without any support apart from the magnetic fields. This magnetic levitation approach is utilized for designing this simple maglev train. Actually the original maglev trains are very complex in design, but here we try to design a simple maglev train, which uses some permanent magnets, cardboard or wooden boards etc. Working Principle of Maglev Trains: The basic principle behind the magnetic levitation is to use the magnetism property to levitate any objects. Magnetism is a part of our elementary science, and the principle is that the like/same poles repel each other but the unlike/opposite poles attract each other. Actually our Maglev Train works on this principle of magnetism. The train floats on the guide rail due to this principle of magnetism that the magnetic forces. Materials Required for Maglev Trains: The materials required for the construction of Maglev Train model are listed below. * Wooden block : 5" x 1 1/2" x 3/4" for the train * For Rails : Hi force Long Magnetic stripes (2 No.s) * For the Train : Hi force short Magnetic stripes (2 No.s) * Plastic Guide Rails (2......

crusher efficiency calculations

crusher efficiency calculations

The following example demonstrates a method of selecting the components of an aggregate plant. Good component efficiency and part performance pre-evaluation is essential to a solid design. The aggregate production requires the consideration of several crushers, feeders and screens. This is not intended to be a typical situation, though it does involve common crusher and screen units often used in aggregate plants.

Quarry rock of 12 in. maximum size is to be handled in a two-stage crusher plant at the rate of 70 tons per hour. The maximum size of output is to be 1 in., and separation of materials over 1 in. size and the minus 1 in. in the output is required. Select a jaw crusher like those included in this table.

The screens to be considered are a 1-in. screen with an estimated capacity of 2.7 tph/sq ft and a 1-in. screen with a capacity of 2.1 tph/sq ft. The solution will include the selection of adequate and economical crushers for the two stages and the sizes of screens between them and below the secondary stage.

For the primary crusher a jaw crusher will probably be most economical. A jaw crusher, like 2036 in the Jaw Crusher Table here above, would be able to take the maximum 12 in. size quarry stone but it would not have the required 70 tph capacity needed. To have the needed capacity a jaw crusher like the 2042 or 2436 sizeswill have to be selected overloading the secondary crusher.

A grid chart or curve for the selected crusher shows that, for a 2-in. setting, 54% of the material will pass a 1-in. screen, or 46% will be retained (this is like Jaw Crusher capacity table abovewhere 48% passes a 1 in. screen). The 46% of 70 tph gives the 32 tph fed to the secondary crusher shown in Figure below as a roll crusher.

A twin-roll crusher is selected, like those given inthe Roll Crusher capacityTable above, to serve as the reduction crusher. The smallest, 24 x 16 roll crusher shown in theRoll Crusher capacity Table above has enough capacity with a setting of 1 in. but the maximum size feed will be too large, that is, the stage of reduction is not large enough. The maximum size of feed coming from the discharge of the primary crusher with a setting of 2 is about 3 in. as may be found in this Table.

Considering a 30-in. diameter roll crusher the maximum size particle that can be nipped with the roll crusher set at 1 in. according to this Equation is F = 0.085(15) + 1.0 = 2.28 in. <3 in. feed. It will take larger than a 40-in. diameter roll crusher. A better solution would be to use a larger jaw crusher set at 1 in., then a roll crusher from the Roll Crusher capacityTable above could be used. If the output of this crushing process should have less material of the +1-in. size, the larger crusher could be operated with a closed circuit. That is, the oversize in the output could be recirculated through the roll crusher without exceeding the rated capacity of the crusher. Then all material leaving that crusher with a 1-in. setting would be of a minus 1-in. size.

Another possible solution to this problem would be to use a gyratory crusher for the primary crushing stage. A gyratory like Telsmith model1110 could be set at 1 in. in an open circuit with a capacity for 260 tph. The maximum size of stone in the output is estimated to be approximately 2 1/8 in. Then all the output from the primary crusher could be nipped by a 40 in. diameter twin-roll crusher with a 1-in. setting according to the Roll Crusher capacityTable above. The specifications and manufactured limitations, rather than economy, generally govern the selection of crushers.

To find the required areas of screen, the rate of feed of material as well as gradation of the feed must be known. The 1-in. screen under the jaw crusher is the top deckno deck correction factor will be necessary. Therefore, the 1-in. screen will need to be at least 70/2.7 = 29.9 sq ft in area. It must be at least 36 in. wide for an 18 x 36 jaw crusher. So a 4-ft by 8-ft screen would be acceptable. The 1-in. screen is a second deck for the 38 tph from the jaw crusher, so the deck correction factor is 0.90 and that screen capacity is 2.1 x 0.9 = 1.89 tph/sq ft.

The screen area needed under the jaw crusher is 38/1.89 = 20.1 sq ft. For the 1-in. screen below the roll crusher the capacity has no correction factor and the area needed is 32/2.1 = 15.2 sq ft. To handle the output from a 40 x 24 roll crusher the screen will have to be at least 24 in. wide. Perhaps it will be more effective to use one continuous screen of at least 20.1 + 15.2 = 35.3 sq ft. A 4-ft by 10-ft 1 in. screen should be satisfactory.

estimate jaw crusher capacity

estimate jaw crusher capacity

My friend Alex the SAG Mill Expert, says this equation you picked up doesnt look right.The numerator is calculating the volume of one swing of a jaw, times thedensity of material in the chamber, times the number of cycles perminute. This should give you the mass of material crushed per minute.

The example youve given is missing information needed to calculate theA term it doesnt tell you the height of the crushing chamber. The two measurements youve got are the top opening width and top openinglength; A should be the jaw throw (not given) times the crushing chamber height (also not given).

Tables hereincontain information that is typical of output from crushers discussed above. The capacities are based on the crusher receiving full, continuous feed of clean, dry, friable stone weighing 100 lb/cu ft.

These capacity tables show several significant differences between the two common types of primary crushers. A jaw crusher has a wider range of settingsgenerally, a maximum of two to three times the smallest setting. The tables also show that for a comparable maximum size of feed and setting, a gyratory crusher has a much greater capacity than a jaw crusher. Thegyratory crusher obtains this advantage only at the cost of greater power to drive the crusher.

The selection of an appropriate primary crusher for a given use has to be based on a consideration of several factors. These are not limited to the design features of the crusher. If the feed is blasted rock from a quarry, the size and method of handling the feed influence crusher selection. For instance, a power shovel is limited by the dimensions of the dipper in the maximum size of rock it can handle well. It may be that the bucket of a 1- yd shovel would be too small to load the maximum size rock allowed in a jaw crusher with a 42-in. opening.

If a 60-in. gyratory crusher is to process material from a quarry where a shovel loads the raw material, the shovel would probably have to have a dipper capacity of at least 5 cu yd to be compatible. It may be more economical to change the blasting pattern to produce larger rock that can be handled by a larger loader-hauler combination and still fit in the primary crusher. Generally, a large reduction ratio will be required of the primary crusher.

If gravel has relatively small maximum particle sizes, a large feed opening is not needed. It may be more economical to feed all of the pit-run material into the primary crusher rather than to remove the part that is already smaller than the crusher setting. That calls for a crusher with a higher capacity. There are many feasible solutions to the crusher selection problem, so the aggregate producer must select crushers with total operations and economics in mind.The selection of reduction crushers is also a complex problem.

The economic selection of any particular crusher depends on the ability of the crusher to handle the maximum size of feed, reducing this at the highest possible reduction ratio and least cost for the original installation, maintenance, and power. For any particular aggregate production plant, it is advisable to make preliminary determinations of the types of crushers needed. If most of the feed is coarse and stage crushing is required, primary crushers that meet the requirements of reduction and economy and have straight crushing surfaces may be most economical.

Where only a very small percentage of the feed approaches the size of the feed opening of the crusher,nonchoking crushing surfaces in a high capacity crusher may be advisable for the sake of economy. If the plant requires several stages, and several different types of crushers could be used for each stage, the costs of each feasible combination must be analyzed to find the crusher plant with the least total cost.

list of goods and services not eligible for input tax credit | sag infotech

list of goods and services not eligible for input tax credit | sag infotech

Input tax credit is considered very significant for every business unit which is always in the need to invest in the business in the manner of capital. The need of capital is required each and every time a business gets ready for its next project. This time in GST, a business unit will be eligible for input tax credit, only if certain cases are met with the transactions.

Recommended: All Decisions & Latest Updates on 32nd GST Council Meeting Get to know all major decisions taken in the 32nd GST council meeting discussed over GST threshold limit, composition schemes and real estate

Invoice matching of both the parties will be the key issue for checking and granting the input tax credit to the dealer while in certain cases, input tax credit may not be available for some rules and regulation purpose.

Read Also: Input Tax Credit Guide Under GST: Calculation with Proper Examples A complete guide for understanding the basics of input tax credit and it calculation with detailed examples under GST (Goods and Services Tax) India

Disclaimer:- "All the information given is from credible and authentic resources and has been published after moderation. Any change in detail or information other than fact must be considered a human error. The blog we write is to provide the updated information. You can raise any query on matters related to blog content. Also, note that we dont provide any type of consultancy so we are sorry for unable to reply to consultancy queries."

We are supplying good to our clients GST rate is 12% and also we are paying rent, digital marketing charges to our suppliers they are charging GST of 18% . is this ITC can be claimable? after ITC only we need to generate the challans? pls guide

I am running a restaurant under Regular scheme and has to pay 5% GST without availing ITC. As such, while filing GST 3B, is it necessary to mention the GST paid on purchase bills in Table 4 A 5 ( all other ITC ) and subsequently reverse the same under ineligible ITC- Sec.17(5) or can he simply skip the Table 4, as I am not supposed to avail ITC. Kindly advice.

My client has purchased from his GST registered vendor in March. However, the vendor has not been filing his returns GST3B since March 2020. Now he updating GST3B by including my invoices also. However, I have claimed this Input in March itself.

Sim Must Be Post Paid and as in income tax 25% disallowed for the personal use and as per sec 17-5 supply which are used for personal use ITC must not be taken and business hrs are only 9 to 8 and after that is used for personal use so 40% allowed and 60% disallowed

I am starting a retail brand outlet. can I claim ITC in respect of following- 1. painting work at the store 2. tuffen glass installed 3. hangers purchased 4. false ceiling 5. electrical wiring 6. led bulbs, fans, etc 7. mirrors installed in trial rooms 8. pillar boxing

Whether ITC could be availed on Vendor providing Milk and Tea Services at Factories, Guest House Groceries items purchased, Drinking water and Cabs/Taxi Service used for business visits/business purpose, etc.

According to specific provisions under GST law, a statement issued by a bank can be treated as a tax invoice. Accordingly, you should be eligible to claim the input tax credit, based on a statement issued by the bank, as long as it contains all the prescribed particulars, including your GST registration number

Security service charges (2 security for office purpose) Rs.10000/-(Taxable value) Add:CGST 9% 900 SGST 9% 900 Total bill amount 11800 (NB: GST amount is included in the above bill and not on reverse charge mechnism)

Hai sir, We have a quarry business and we have own tippers for supply of material, and we are paying insurance for those vehicle, pls. advise whether we are eligible for gst input on insurance premium paid

A Travel agent who charges GST @5% without claiming ITC on Input Services. Can he claim ITC on Computer Purchased in his office and ITC on Audit Fee as they are not directly related to the output supply? Please quote the relevant provisions of ITC.

I have purchased Computer software for my company. I have taken ITC on the said software. I have treated it as Capital goods also. Can I take depreciation on the amount excluding GST over useful years?

No your answere wrong, he is asking of depreciation of remaining amount i e basic price of the capital goods , he can claim depreciation on that but not portion of GST , if he claim ITC on capital goods and take deprecaiation excluding GST amount .

You can extract a report for your sale, from the Report->Payment->Tax Merchant report and give it to your CA. You can take credit of the sale tax as paid by Amazon for its all components of service fees.

But for the pharmacy section, it will be categorized as the normal business venture and all the GST paid on input and other valuable even including the software part can be accounted for setting off the output tax liability.

Yes. The mobile phones/ laptops would be covered under the definition of inputs as they are used in the course/ furtherance of business and hence, the input tax paid on such goods will be available as an input tax credit.

No ITC is available for the activities such as construction, reconstruction, renovation, addition, alteration or repair of an immovable property even it is under the furtherance of business as per the law

In general, the input tax credit is not available for construction, reconstruction, renovation, addition, alteration or repair of an immovable property even when such goods or services or both are used in the course or furtherance of business.

ITC on Outstation Hotel Stays. For businesses, availing accommodation in destinations outside the State where they are registered is common. When a business avails accommodation service from a hotel, the place of supply will always be the place where the service is provided, that is, the location of the hotel.

I have taken a hotel on lease for the past 3 years. I have been giving the GST on the lease amount accordingly. Sin due to covid 19 business has been shotdown. Though I was claiming the ITC. Now my question is can I get the refund of ITC.

The Government has taken restricted meaning of the phrase in respect of in recent clarification and has clarified that the GST paid on insurance and repair on vehicles is allowed when the vehicle is used for business purpose only

We are selling 0% exempted and taxable goods every month. We purchased gunny bags in 5% GST rate for our business purpose and we do not sell the gunny bags. can we avail ITC on gunny bags purchases ..

Sir started a proprietorship firm for supply of pathological & surgical goods, and I have purchased two computers for maintaining the account & Stock and I also purchase a mobile costing of Rs. 60000/- can be avail the ITC on these Items. Kindly suggest me

It has now specifically been mentioned in Section 17(5) of the CGST Act (negative list of ITC) that Input tax credit of GST paid on services of insurance, servicing, repair and maintenance of motor vehicles shall not be allowed.

We are with our under-construction Hotel Project, can we are able to take some ITC On like, ply-wood, electrical material, door material, purchases which are used for the under-construction property (Hotel) Please reply ..

I am planning to construct a hotel. I am paying fees to my architects for services against drawings. They are providing me with IGST bills. Can I avail ITC on the GST bills? In my P/L account I am showing this as expenditure

We have a GST Registered small fire safety business. We have BSNL land line BB phone in cos name, we paid GST every month for BSNL Bill. Can we claim ITC for BSNL Bill? phone used for business purpose.

Sir, we purchased some eatables, food, clothes from the mall for our personal use from our company debit card, can we put it all ineligible ITC section as per section 75 or ineligible ITC other section?

1) I am hiring hotels in company payment mode and asked the vendor to charge IGST on the bill being invoice will be done at SEZ office address but vendor denying to charge IGST he insisted for the charge of SGST and CGST, kindly clear what is the compliance and what should be done in this case.

1. first can car vendor charge 0% GST under LUT, if yes then why? 2. Can the company pay the basic amount, if yes then WHY? 3. Will the company need to pay the government 5% IGST? if yes, then how, as in booking/issuing PO, tax code of 5% is not considered.

request to explain the process of the car on rent used for conveyance /travel of company employee through third party vendor, how and invoice to be done at the address of the company location which is registered under SEZ, please specify the whole process and also explain whether tax credit can be taken or not?

Our company running for 365 days, canteen is there inside premises, we are paying cylinder bills directly to the gas agency. The gas agency is charging bill with SGST & CGST total percentage of 18% can we claim ITC?

You cant claim the credit on the Gas cylinder as the expense has no relation to business or for the furtherance of business. Its directly related to the provision of supply of food & beverages to employees.

1: Staying Charges in 4 Star Hotels: About 25 Rooms: Room Rent Rs. 6000/- + GST (1,50,000/- + GST) 2: Hall Charges for Round Table: Rs. 1,50,000/- + GST 3: Decoration and Presentation Arragement: Rs. 1,50,000/- + GST 4: Food and beverages Charges: Rs: 1,50,000/- + GST

We are manufacturer of chemicals. We have constructed new rooms where we unload semi finished chemical for natural crystallization of our chemical and chemical change its state from liquid to solid when it is kept in such rooms. So can it be treated as plant and machinary and can ITC be claimed on construction bills of such rooms built in factory premises.

Secondly, we have bought car before gst law was implemented for our marketing person to meet our business clients and suppliers, So can ITC be availed on this car repair bill, and new tyre bill. Can it be consider as furtherance of business as the marketing person is using it for business travel

No, Land and Building cannot be treated as plant and machinery. Plant and machinery means apparatus, equipment and machinery fixed to earth by foundation or structural support that are used for making outward supply of goods or services or both and includes such foundation and structural supports but excludes

We are a manufacturer of chemicals. We have constructed new rooms where we unload semi-finished chemical for natural crystallization of our chemical and chemical change its state from liquid to solid when it is kept in such rooms. So can it be treated as plant and machinery and can ITC be claimed on construction bills of such rooms built in factory premises?

Secondly, we have bought a car before GST law was implemented for our marketing person to meet our business clients and suppliers, So can ITC be availed on this car repair bill, and new tyre bill. Can it be considered as a furtherance of business as the marketing person is using it for business travel

Am doing Milk, Ice cream business & GST registered, for supply, I have purchased commercial vehicle a month before, ITC availed for the same Due to some financial problem, I have decided to sale that vehicle @ cost price Shall I raise an invoice to the purchaser with GST, Is he is eligible for ITC Pls clarify

We have retail stores in various malls. Malls give us the empty store and we carry out interior works for the beauty of the stores including false ceiling, AC connection, electrical work etc. We can not alter the immovable property given to us. Can we claim input tax on these lease interior works (called civil works only) for setting up the retail store? Please help, Thanks

There is an amendment in Section 17 of CGST Act, where new clause (ab) in inserted under Subsection 5, providing that GST on insurance, repair & maintenance is not allowed. Kindly help to understand that it is applicable from 1-2-19 or from beginning i.e. 1-7-17? Thanks in Advance

i.Furniture and fittings, ii.Electrical fittings, iii.Registered office buildings and charges paid for computer printer toner refill charges iv. Battery and oil replacement charges for corporate office Generator and Registered office Generator v.Gst paid on Audit Fees.

ITC can be claimed on audit fees. There is no restriction. But it has to be claimed on an invoice basis and not on the provision basis. If you are making provision as on 31st March then ITC cannot be claimed in the year of making provision.

I have contracted with a contractor to provide contract labourers for working in my canteen department for serving food to my employees and other services in that canteen. Could I claim an input tax credit for the tax which I pay to the contractor? Kindly help me with this.

I have recently bought a Mercedes Benz car on my firms name, and the dealer has given me a car insurance policy where my CGST AND SGST amount is very high, can I claim it as its not on my individual name its on my firm name. Please suggest the course of action. and the same way I have paid huge GST on CAR Purchase also so that is also can I claim or not.

I have a query, I am an electronics retailer whose sales LED TV and other goods to customer, I want to buy a Maruti Swift car (motor vehicle) for transportation of LED TV LG and SAMSUNG tv to customer residence as free delivery, so I want to know am i eligible to claim ITC on purchase of motor vehicle? AS I HAVE READ IN GST LAW THAT ITC IS AVAILABLE FOR TRANSPORTATION OF GOODS HERE DO NOTE I AM NOT USING TRANSPORT VEHICLE ITS A PASSENGER VEHICLE MARUTI SWIFT AND AS MOTOR VEHICLE IN GST HAS SAME MEANING MENTIONED IN MOTOR VEHICLE ACT 1988, SO I THINK I CAN USE IT TO TRANSPORT GOODS AND CAN ALSO AVAIL ITC ON BUYING A NEW VEHICLE.

No, ITC cannot be claimed in your case. ITC on motor vehicles is available when the registered person uses it for transportation of goods i.e. the person is involved in the business of transportation of goods.

We have taken a building on lease for 20 years. We want to install a passenger lift and put ACs, furniture, LED etc. in this building to further sub-lease to a firm/company for guest house purpose or hotel purpose. Can our firm avail Credit on GST paid on these items from our rent/lease amt. to be received in the future.

Dear Sir, our company construct an auditorium (Kalyana Mantapa). A lot of materials like electrical fittings, furniture, building material being purchased. we are eligible for claiming the input tax credit?

We have company registered under GST service Transportation of material through Tippers and Tractors etc., only for transportation if purchase of machinery in his firm shall i take ITC and in preparation of Invoice Reverse Charge mechanism paid by consignee how to prepare invoice and E waybill is applicable for transport or not kindly send the reply sir

Yes, you can take ITC for the purchase of machinery as you are involved in the transportation of goods business. If you are registered then normal tax invoice need to be prepared but tax not to be charged on it as recipient shall pay tax on such service. E-way bill shall be applicable if goods are sent by you even if you fall under RCM.

Sir, I am a proprietor of the firm, I had borrowed unsecured loans from friends and relatives, and provide interest to them, as I am registered in GST, shall I have to charge GST no interest paid to my unsecured loans.please let me knowwating for your reply


No ITC cannot be availed as No ITC is available in case work contract services when supplied for construction of immovable property except when it is input service for the further supply of work contract services.

Sir, Your reply appears to be incorrect. The input tax credit shall be available to the contractor who himself is undertaking works contract service, as he is using these inputs for further supply of works contract service.

I received hydra service from subcontractor (he is in registered in UP) for work in Client establishment in up. Now subcontractor is billing to me in Delhi GSTN No., I want to know that can we take the ITC in Delhi GSTN.

If you have also taken registration of UP place from where services are being offered, then you can claim ITC for that in UP only i.e. as CGST and SGST would be applicable so that will not be eligible to be set off from Delhi.

If the supplied goods are taxable, the whole ITC on capital goods can be claimed in the first year. However, if the supplied goods include both taxable and exempt supplies, proportionate credit will be available in 5 installments.

We are from Construction Company, it is possible to get GST Input Tax Credit for those employees in Tour & Travelling while they are staying in Lodge. The Bill with GST that we are paying in the name of Company (CGST & SGST)

In case motor vehicle is used for transportation of goods ITC of the same shall be allowed but if such motor vehicle is used for the construction of immovable property then ITC of the same shall not be allowed. So if the truck is used for the construction of immovable property ITC shall not be allowed.

Dear Sir, will you pl advice on the below items for availing ITC for Manufacturing company; 1) Safety goggles, gloves etc 2) Civil materials such as Wash basin, door hinges, closures, aldrops 3) tyres, tubes for tractors, fork lift etc 4) castor wheels

ITC of all the items shall be available to you if these are not used for the construction of immovable property. Goods or services which are used for the construction of immovable property are not eligible for ITC.

We are manufactures of Alloy & Non-alloy steels Can we claim ITC on the purchase of Steels like Angels, beams, Chequer plates etc. whether eligible for ITC if the purchases of both capital & revenue expenditure.. please clarify.

My business is based in Rajkot. I import packaging machines from Taiwan. Once my container is de-stuffed at Nhava Sheva port, If I supply some machines directly to our Bombay dealer, and dealers machines are transported from the port to his godown (around 40 km), do I need to generate an E waybill for that? If yes, how to generate as movement is intrastate and my invoice charges IGST. And first of all, as I am not registered under GST in Maharashtra, can I sale directly in this way?

No ITC shall be allowed on motor vehicles whether used for personal or business purpose in case of general businesses. It shall be allowed only in the case where the vehicles are purchased for further selling or used for transportation services i.e. for business purposes.

I have received commercial rent income and I pay the professional fee to advocate can I claim input credit for professional fees which are charged by the advocate? I have only commercial rental income.

Sir, we are purchasing coffee seeds not roasted under HSN code 0901 which is exempted/nil rated in GST. but we are paying transport charges for inward and outward to transport contractor as the recipient under reverse charge. shall we claim input tax on services received from transport charges?

If hotel vouchers and conference charges exclusively includes Food and beverages bill and outdoor catering bill, then on these expenses ITC will not be available, otherwise ITC will be available for all expenses.

No ITC available for goods or services or both received for construction of immovable property on his own account. Please refer Sec 17(5)(d) of CGST Act,17. ITC will be available only if they are used in providing further works contract or construction services.

Hi sir, I use to supply food items in Jharkhand area. I want to purchase two-wheeler motorcycle for me for taking orders from the market and supplying too. Can I claim ITC on two-wheeler vehicle, which will be used for the business purpose?

We have business works contract like purchase material for construction of the building and provide construction services. but one flats purchases for office staff like the guest house. In this availed ITC or no.

In July 2017 on the purchase of roofing sheet (for factory shed) we have taken credit, is it admissible? and we are taking a credit of tea-coffee powder (& Tea machine Rent also) for factory staff. Can we take credit?

If we purchase utensils, suppose Pressure cooker, can we avail ITC on the same as we are engaged in engineering services and need to send labour to the site along with our engineer. Labours are paid as per minimum wages and demand food extra and they make food for themselves at the site. for that, we need to purchase utensils, this time we have to purchase a pressure cooker. Can we avail the ITC for cooker purchase?

We are in the business of builder/developer and construction of residential and commercial buildings (but not civil contractor) can we get input tax credit for works contract given to other contractors (e.g contract for steel frames or internal roads which including material and labour)

GST Input can be availed on the party of our customers and the member for personal or business use in Hotel and all the stay in Room and lunch bill for the refreshment of guest will be eligible for input. Regular maintenance material will be eligible for input.

When we are Constructing Hotel Project and executed Works contract , Building Material , Gardening and Landscaping , Installing Lifts , Plant and Machinery, Kitchen Equipment , Cutlery and Glassware, Furniture, Bedding , Electrical Equipment and DG set,,Lighting and Fittings, Painting, Interior Decoration,Security Equipment, Computer Equipment, Printing and Stationery , Professional ,Legal , Audit Fees where we have paid CST or VAT or Excise Duty or Service tax or Octroi or Cess as applicable prior to 1.7.2017 and after 1.7.2017 GST is applicable. How do we claim ITC under TRAN 1 or GSTR 3B please explain?

As of now the facility to avail credit under TRAN-1 is not available as the form is closed from 27/12/2017 on GST portal. Any unutilized credit of eligible duties & taxes can now not be availed through GSTR-3B as only it can be carried forward by filling TRAN-1.

Our Organisation is providing Health care services (Hospital, Optical & pharmacy) so could you please clarify regarding GST input, like can we claim input for Travelling Charges incurred for Business, Conveyance charges, Marketing expenses like Camp etc, Incentives to Employees for target completion etc?

Unlike Excise Law, GST Law provides for ITC on the supply of all goods and services including e.g. furniture, stationery etc. How is it possible to comply with Section 17(2) of CGST Act, where you are also supplying exempt goods.

1 Is bricks, paints, steel, sanitary goods, electrical items etc.purchased during construction is eligible for input credit. 2 Construction will take one year after that Hotel will start. Does that make any difference? 3 Weather. Restaurant purchases will be eligible for input. 4 During the running of the hotel, regular maintenance material will eligible for input.

Input cannot be availed on Goods and/or services for construction of an immovable property whether to be used for personal or business use. Restaurant purchases will be eligible for input. Regular maintenance material will be eligible for input.

You can only claim ITC on motor vehicles if it is used in the business for the following purposes only : 1. Such motor vehicles and conveyances are further supplied i.e. sold 2. Transport of passengers 3. used for imparting training on driving, flying, navigating such vehicle or conveyances 4. Transportation of goods

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