high quality mill liners manufacturer | qiming machinery

high quality mill liners manufacturer | qiming machinery

Qiming Machinery is a leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of mill liners for mineral processing and quarrying industries. We offer our customers complete wear liner solutions for mills that increase performance, equipment availability, and lower maintenance costs. Our mill liners are also tested to withstand the acidity level of different elements that may be present in the milling process. Longer milling life to your machine means fewer expenses and more profit or income to your company.

Qiming Machinery mill liners are subjected to different combinations of impact and abrasion, as they are used in SAG/AG, ball or rod mills. Our wear parts are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and delivery, ensuring high levels of reliability for our customers. Also, our mill liners wear parts that add value to customers processes through customized designs.

When choosing any type of mill liners for your mill plants, think long-term. Qiming Machinerys parts help keep your mill plants working at peak performance because they are made to fit and function for just that.

SAG is an acronym for semi-autogenous grinding. SAG mills are autogenous mills that also use grinding balls like a ball mill. SAG mill is usually used to grind large pieces into small pieces, especially for the pre-processing of grinding circuits, thus also known as primary stage grinding machine.

AG is short for the autogenous mill. it combines with two functions of crushing and grinding, uses the ground material itself as the grinding media, through the mutual impact and grinding action to gradually reduce the material size.

Ball mill is a fine grinder. A horizontal or vertical rotating cylinder is filled partially with the balls of ceramics, small rocks, and balls made from stainless steel. The ball charge of a SAG mill is about 29% to 30%. By friction and influence of tumbling balls inside the rotating cylinder grinds the raw material to the required fineness. The internal machinery of the ball mill grinds the raw material into the powder-like material, And if extreme fineness and refinery are required then rotation goes on to continue.

The role of a ball mill liner is to give the mill heads protection against wear and tear thus increasing their lifetime and creating optimal grinding efficiency. Qiming Machinery can design and supply mill liners for all types of ball mill.

Rod mills are very similar to ball mills, except they use long rods for grinding media. The rods grind the ore by tumbling within the mill, similar to the grinding balls in a ball mill. To prevent the conditions leading to rod charge tangling, the length to diameter ratio is maintained at 1.4 to 1.6. Rod mills accept feed up to about 50 mm (2 in.) and produce a product in the size range of 3000 to 270 mm (4 to 35 mesh). Grinding action is by line contact between the rods extending the length of the mill. Rods tumble and spin in roughly parallel alignment simulating a series of roll crushers. This results in preferential grinding of coarse material and minimizes the production of slimes.

This is used for grid liners and generally smaller mills. Its great advantage is that it works hardens under stress, yet the substrate remains tough and can withstand extreme impact without fracture. Its primary disadvantage is that it spreads with impact, so solid liners begin to squeeze together and become extremely difficult to remove, and can damage a mill shell if the stress is allowed to build up to an extreme level.

Low Carbon Chrome Moly Steel (300 to 370BHN):Was generally used for mill liners (AG, SAG, and Ball) prior to the movement to higher carbon content steels. It has excellent wear characteristics with some impact resistance, generally now used for discharge grates where slightly better impact resistance is required compared to the higher carbon chrome-moly steels or for thinner section liners.

High Carbon Chrome Moly Steel (325 to 380BHN):This steel is now considered the main material used for SAG mill liners. There are a number of variations with either different carbon or chrome contents. The variations tend to have a bearing on the size of the liner and its section thickness. There is ongoing development within this area as the size of the liners is outstripping the properties provided by the standard high chrome-moly steels.

Chrome Moly White Irons (600 to 700BHN) WI:This casting material is considered to be the ultimate developed and used to date for abrasion resistance in Milling. It is commonly used in cement mills and some of the largest Ball Mills in the world and where performance has not been bettered to date.

The use of this type of material generally began with Rod Mills and Ball Mills, where impacts were considered low enough for this brittle yet highly abrasive resistant wear material to perform well. However, it is now considered obsolete in light of the use of high chrome irons and chrome-moly white iron.

High chromium alloy cast iron generally refers to the alloy white cast iron with the chromium content of 12% 30% and carbon content of 2.4% 3.6%. It is characterized by the microhardness hv1300 1800 of M7C3 eutectic carbide, which is dispersed on the matrix of martensite (the hardest structure in the metal matrix) in the form of a broken network and isolated shape, which reduces the splitting effect on the matrix.

Qiming Machinery is the leading manganese steel, chromium steel, alloy steel, and heat-resisting steel manufacturer in China. We manufacture crusher wear parts, shredder wear parts, mill liners, apron feeder pans, and other wear parts for customers.

cco & nihard wear liners rexline

cco & nihard wear liners rexline

As a genuine mining and quarrying wear liner support service, REXLINE have excellent quality CCO plate and weld wires. The microstructure of Cr7C3 carbide volume fraction is 50% or more which makes it one of the reliable CCO Liners on the market. The CCO range also comes in Niobium enriched composition to provide additional abrasion resistance.

REXLINE Laminated Wear Blocks are unique wear resistant materials in that they combine very high wear resistant qualities of white iron (ASTM A532 15/3CrMo, 700BHN 63HRc) with a weldable & high impact toughness mild steel through a metallurgical bond to create a product that has a exceptional resistance to impact and abrasion.

Ni-Hard material also comes in Hard skirt format with different shapes and sizes depending on the application. The additional chromium content enables the skirts to withstand extended and continuous abrasion in the application.

Ni-Hard are martensitic white iron alloyed with Chromium and Nickel to provide high impact resistance and excellent abrasion resistance. Ni-Hard material also comes in Hard skirt format with different shapes and sizes depending on the application. The additional chromium content enables the skirts to withstand extended and continuous abrasion in the application.

For over half a century, Ni-hard has been the number one choice for industrial processed demanding extreme abrasion resistance. Because of Its well proven, low-cost characteristics it is used in the mining, power, cement, ceramic, paint, dredging, coal-coke, steel and foundry industries. wear backs and metalworking rolls-the range of properties inherent in the different grades of Ni-hard has made it a worldwide success.

mineral processing equipment | multotec canada

mineral processing equipment | multotec canada

Multotec in Canada manufactures and distributes a full range of mineral processing equipment throughout Canada and parts of North America. We help you process minerals faster and more efficiently, so you can lower your overall plant costs.

Our leading mineral processing technology is designed for use in gold, nickel, copper, coal, chrome, mineral sands platinum, iron ore and diamond processing and beneficiation plants. All manufacturing processes and equipment are ISO-compliant.

Multotec is a world-leading slurry pump manufacturer. We have a full range of heavy-duty horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps specifically designed to handle tough and abrasive duties with maximum efficiency.

With our sister companies: TEMA - Isenmann, Hein Lehmann and TEMA Systems, and our partners: eDart, Scantech, Phoenix, Horsburgh & Scott and Kemix, Multotec in Canada is a global solutions provider for all mineral processing applications.

Originally founded in South Africa in 1973, today Multotec is active in 100 countries, employing over 1 800 employees, and partner to some of the worlds largest mining houses, including BHP Billiton, Glencore, RIO Tinto, First Quantum Minerals Ltd, Anglo American, and many others.

Multotec equipment is designed and manufactured to the most stringent quality standards in our ISO facilities. Computational Fluid Dynamic simulations, pilot plant and online test work are used to improve the metallurgical performance of the process equipment. All product designs are carried out using 3D design, detailed FEA, and the correct specifications of wear-resistant materials.

Multotec equipment is developed in response to the challenges our customers face in improving their mineral processing efficiency. Our products are proven across the world through their use in the toughest commodity processing applications.

Founded in 1973, Multotec is active in 100 countries and partner to some of the worlds largest mining houses, including BHP Billiton, Glencore, RIO Tinto, First Quantum Minerals Ltd, Anglo American, and many others.

Multotecs Research and Development plays a central role in new product development as well as in refining its existing technologies. The R&D department has increased test and development capabilities on magnetic separators, spiral concentrators, classification cyclones, dense medium cyclones and mineral screening equipment.

Hawkeye is a predictive software tool that provides accurate data on mineral processing equipment lifecycles and replacement rates. This allows plant managers to accurately predict service intervals and schedule downtime accordingly.

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