nvidia gobbles up mapping startup to help automakers install its self-driving platform the register

nvidia gobbles up mapping startup to help automakers install its self-driving platform the register

"The acquisition is an endorsement of DeepMap's unique vision, technology and people," Ali Kani, Nvidia vice president and general manager of Automotive, said in a statement. "DeepMap is expected to extend our mapping products, help us scale worldwide map operations and expand our full self-driving expertise."

Self-driving cars typically rely on pre-mapped roads to learn how to navigate different routes, and drive through various weather conditions. Training machine learning models on more accurate maps should lead to better autonomous driving performance.

These maps need to be updated frequently so the cars can deal with sudden changes, like roadblocks or lane closures ahead of time. It's risky to rely on self-driving systems to react on the fly; human drivers often have to take the steering wheel.

"In order to investigate a lot of their really great ideas in AI, they need access to powerful computing infrastructure and they need access to data," Lynne Parker, assistant director of artificial intelligence at the OSTP, who is chairing the task force, told the Wall Street Journal.

Trucks of Class 8 size, capable of hauling nearly 15,000kg, will be kitted out with the company's Waymo Driver software. It'll drive the trucks along the I-45, a commonly used freight corridor in the US, to shuttle back and forth between Houston and Fort Worth.

"This will be one of the first opportunities for J B Hunt to receive data and feedback on customer freight moved with a Class 8 tractor operating at this level of autonomy," J B Hunt chief sustainability officer Craig Harper said in a statement.

"While we believe there will be a need for highly skilled, professional drivers for many years to come, it is important for J B Hunt as an industry leader to be involved early in the development of advanced autonomous technologies and driving systems to ensure that their implementation will improve efficiency while enhancing safety."

It's not the first time Waymo has collaborated with a trucking biz. Last year, it announced it was working with Daimler Trucks. These partnerships are a win-win. Waymo gets to flesh out its AI software while its customers provide the vehicles.

A human-free autonomous boat known as the Saildrone Surveyor has successfully sailed from San Francisco to Hawaii to cross the Pacific Ocean while mapping the topography of the seabed, an achievement made less than a month after a similar IBM-powered boat failed.

The Saildrone Surveyor, 22 metres long and and weighing 12,700 kilograms, sailed 2,250 nautical miles over 28 days to map 6,400 nautical miles of seafloor. The project is the largest attempt yet to map Earth's undersea landscape; we have mapped the Moon more than our planet's deep oceans.

Scientists have discovered fossilised insect wings which suggest the flying creatures they belong to may have been communicating 310 million years ago 50 million years before the first known insect comms.

Discovered in Livin, France, the fossils offer the earliest known evidence of wing-based communication in insects and suggest bugs may have been using their wings to broadcast information since the Late Carboniferous period, around 310 million years ago.

Andr Nel, professor at the Musum national d'Histoire naturelle in Paris, and his team found the fossil belonging to a previously unidentified species of giant predatory grasshopper-like insects called Titanoptera the largest of which had wingspans of more than 33cm. The team called the new find Theiatitan Azari, in tribute to Theia, the Greek Titan goddess of light.

US President Joseph Biden on Friday signed a sweeping executive order directing government agencies to take steps intended to enhance economic competition and prevent anticompetitive practices, among the tech industry as well as others.

The Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy includes 72 initiatives addressed to more than a dozen government agencies, several of which aim to curtail the market dominance of tech giants.

"For decades, corporate consolidation has been accelerating," the White House said in a statement. "In over 75 per cent of US industries, a smaller number of large companies now control more of the business than they did twenty years ago. This is true across healthcare, financial services, agriculture and more."

Oracle is seeking more than $7m in damages from long-time software partner NEC Corporation of America (NECAM) a subsidiary of tech Japan-based tech giant NEC Corp over a complaint about copyright and breach of contract.

Chip giant Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co has seen quarterly revenue hit NT$372.1bn ($13.3bn), nearly 20 per cent up from a year earlier as the manufacturer struggles to cope with mountainous demand in the pandemic recovery.

The chip giant releases monthly revenue figures which have been collated by The Register and other outlets, including Bloomberg. TSMC will host a second quarter 2021 earnings conference on Thursday next week - July 15. The firm is currently in a quiet period.

The last Shuttle to launch was Atlantis on STS-135, the 135th mission in the Space Shuttle programme. The vehicle left pad 39A at 15:29 UTC on 8 July and was crewed by four astronauts, reflecting STS-135's original status as the rescue mission for Endeavour's STS-134.

We know how much most of you Reg readers enjoy a full English breakfast. The crispy saltiness of the bacon. The savoury runniness of the fried egg. The soft sweetness of the baked beans. A proper full English fry-up is a work of culinary art when done well.

Can you just chuck everything in together, or do you need to cook in stages according to cooking times for each piece? How long should you cook the mushrooms for? Do they go in before or after the eggs? You only only get one shot at this and you don't want to mess it up, because a ruined breakfast is not an option.

In good news for Brits concerned about hitting roaming caps the next time they visit the EU, the UK has sorted out that particular issue in a post-Brexit trade deal with Norway, Iceland, and, er, Liechtenstein.

According to a statement, the acquisition will "extend IBM's container strategy and implementation services portfolio to further advance IBM's hybrid cloud strategy and accelerate Red Hat OpenShift adoption globally."

Interview Greg Kurtzer, co-founder of CentOS and founder of Rocky Linux, has told The Register that despite the "negative effect" around the end of CentOS 8, he now believes that the focus on CentOS Stream is better for the community.

The Harlow branch of flick-flinger Cineworld is the scene of today's unfortunate events, as a screen which would normally show what treats are in store for customers is instead displaying the End of Days for an unfortunate Windows application.

2 types of concrete crushing production lines | fote machinery

2 types of concrete crushing production lines | fote machinery

These seemingly useless concrete blocks mixed with pavement cement blocks, waste, waste rock, and garbage are only to be sorted and recycled, and then can completely "turn waste into treasure" and realize its economic value.

The traditional treatment method only involves the physical migration of concrete construction waste, which will bring a safety hazard, result in huge pollution of water resources, land resources and air resources, and occupy a large amount of land area.

1. Production of coarse and fine aggregates: Combined with the strength grade of construction waste, concrete aggregates with different hardness and grain size can be processed, and can also be used for road pavement base filler.

2. The production of new, environmentally friendly building materials: Recycled concrete construction waste and cement blocks are often used to manufacture environmentally-friendly bricks, insulation materials, insulation walls around the outside of the wall, dry mortar, etc.

4. Temporary road laying: A large number of cushions are required in the road construction process, so the concrete construction waste can play a huge role in the laying of road cushions and temporary roads.

Also, concrete waste is always mixed with scrap wood, which can be used for wood regeneration. For the waste wood in construction waste, the well-preserved can be directly used for reconstruction, and the damaged materials can be raw materials of regenerating wood, or used in the paper-making field.

The specific use of crushed concrete waste also depends on the processing effect of the selected equipment. At present, there are two kinds of crushing production lines for processing concrete waste, one is fixed concrete crushing production line, and the other is mobile crushing production line.

The fixed type is suitable for some stone factories and concrete wastes need to be equipped with professional crushers, iron removal equipment, professional dust removal and noise reduction equipment, vibration feeders, magnetic separators, flotation machines, vibrating screens, belts, etc., which forms a complete production line for concrete waste treatment.

The mobile type is more suitable for housing developers and concrete waste disposal companies. It is easy to transport and can be pulled into the construction site for quick operation, which saves the space without having to build a special factory.

It can produce different aggregates with various specifications, achieving the needs of different customers. This kind of mobile construction waste treatment equipment is widely used, and its main features are as follows:

The most commonly used crushing machines are jaw crushers, hammer crushers, and impact crushers. Which one to choose, users need to make choices according to their own needs and actual conditions, and the most important thing is to make choices according to the characteristics of the crushers.

Uses: The impact crusher can handle the crushing of various coarse, medium and fine materials with a length of less than 500 mm and a compressive strength of less than 350 MPa. The discharging granularity can be adjusted as needed to adjust the gap between the hammerhead and the counterattack plate.

Uses: Jaw crusher is a piece of early crushing equipment. Because of its simple structure, firmness, reliable work, easy maintenance and overhaul, and relatively low production and construction costs, it is still widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, etc.

Concrete waste is made up of chemical constituents of silicates, oxides, hydroxides, carbonates, sulfides and sulfates, which means that it is soft and has a certain strength, hardness, impact and wear resistance.

1. The impact crusher can effectively treat materials with large moisture content and prevent clogging of the crusher. Therefore, when the concrete has a large moisture content, the impact crusher is the best choice.

2. The hammer crusher has less investment, large output and low power consumption. When the user has a large demand for production and considers the investment problem, hammer crusher is the best choice.

3. The jaw crusher is widely used, especially for one-stage crushing, which is to crush large materials into two-stage crushing machines. If the feeding materials are large, it must be crushed by jaw crusher.

There are many manufacturers of concrete waste crushers. Most of the famous brand concrete crusher manufacturers provide perfect one-stop service before-, during- and after-sales, which can save the cost of manufacturers, so the price of the concrete crusher will be lower.

Fote Heavy Machinery is a professional crusher manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. 37 years of production experience has established Fote's leading position in the crushing industry. The crusher produced by Fote is economical and affordable, which is the best choice for users.

And Fote adopts the self-produced and self-selling development model, which can directly contact and communicate with customers so that it can effectively carry out targeted equipment process improvement and model adjustment according to the production needs of customers, tailoring the equipment for customers.

As a leading mining machinery manufacturer and exporter in China, we are always here to provide you with high quality products and better services. Welcome to contact us through one of the following ways or visit our company and factories.

Based on the high quality and complete after-sales service, our products have been exported to more than 120 countries and regions. Fote Machinery has been the choice of more than 200,000 customers.

construction waste crusher, ore milling equipment

construction waste crusher, ore milling equipment

Over the past 30 years, SBM has customized millions of aggregate production programs and equipment for global customers. Aggregate production plants have been being established one by one, which benefits by excellent quality of products and our service covering the whole life cycle of a production line from the pre-sales consulting, program design, equipment production to latter installation guidance and spare parts' supply. Excellent quality of products makes SBM become trustworthy brand in aggregate industry.

SBM believes the value of brand, which originates from not only excellent products and solutions, but also considerate pre-sales & after-sales technical services. So, we have set up a team with hundreds of technical engineers to resolve a series of problems during project consultation, on-site surveys, sample analysis, program design, installation, commissioning and maintenance guidance, which can ensure that each link is docking in pace with customers and timely solve customer needs.

SBM has a perfect set of international trade system, ranging from international trade marketing to international trade negotiation and from domestic one-stop service to overseas localization service. SBM's international trade markets have been expanded across Asia, Africa, Latin America and other developing countries steadily and have been successfully extended into Europe, America and Australia. SBM is changing the way business is done.

For production of aggregate, similar investment schemes can be used as valuable references which can make you have a rough idea of scheme design, model selection of machines, construction, operation and investment returns for your future projects. We believe that our customer sites can bring you the valuable information that you need.

the map of perlite production line - binq mining

the map of perlite production line - binq mining

20 Dec 2012 Displaying map highlights the Perlite Producers, Major Perlite Storage North America Map; Navi Line As the data in the map shows, in 2010, Greece was the world's largest producer of perlite with an annual production of

Information about Incon, perlite expanders, perlite furnaces, perlite systems, perlite Incon offers a complete line of perlite processing systems including stationary For a detailed map showing locations of our installations, . Incon's perlite furnaces lead the industry in energy efficiency and yield and have

The Basin Perlite Company . Locations are shown on the accompanying map. . Geothermal water at about 190F is pumped from production wells, circulated . rail line. The perlite market has been growing; apparent consumption rose

You are on: EUROPAGES Directory Home Page > perlite. Follow us on: Your search results on perlite : 27 companies. RESULTS DISPLAY. on a map . Expanded perlite production line manufacturer using in:Agriculture insulation-

To connect with The Perlite Institute, sign up for Facebook today. square, orange ceramic tile liners with rounded corners) at one level does not line up with the .. to open a factory to produce light weight and insulating blocks using perlite. .. Perlite can vary all over the map in a big tank due to segregation of the ore prior

11 Jan 2013 Supplemental Information for USGS Map I-2654 Grouping Maps and Data Layers, Data Documents, Production Value Figure, Cooperators have been incorporated into the USGS Mineral Resources On-line Spatial Data interactive map. Gypsum Mica Perlite Pumice, Construction Minerals Operations

the map, and contributed to theoretical parts to at least ten times its original volume without the production of excessive fines or 1950). Domestic production of perlite .. few feet, permitting well exposed contacts to be shown as solid lines

Industry and Mining map of Iran. . lime, magnesite, nitrogen (of ammonia and urea), perlite, natural ocher and iron oxide mineral pigments, The first unit is a corrugated steel bar production line, with a production capacity of 1 million tonnes

20 Dec 2012 The map depicts info about Ilmenite Producers, Major Ilmenite Storage Countries, North America Map; Navi Line Most of the ilmenite is mined for the production of titanium dioxide production. World Mineral Map World Molybdenum Producers World Selenium Producers World Perlite Producers

Geography and maps of Turkey. emery, feldspar, limestone, magnesite, marble , perlite, pumice, pyrites (sulfur), clay, . SEZER elected president on the third ballot; percent of National Assembly vote 60% . Population below poverty line:

stone crushing plant - automatic stone crusher plant | agico

stone crushing plant - automatic stone crusher plant | agico

The stone crushing plant is a kind of special plant for building stone production. AGICO stone crushing production line is a project launched by our company after several years of development and research. Compared with the traditional crushing model, it saves a lot of energy and labor. At the same time, it has the characteristics of reasonable design, reliable operation, convenient operation, high efficiency, and energy-saving. We provide the equipment and design the production line according to the customers specific needs. AGICO has the ability to provide you with the best technical support.

The stone crushing plant manufactured by AGICO mainly consists of a vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyorcentralized electronic control system, and other equipment. The designed output is generally 30-350 tons per hour. According to different technological requirements, we can also equip the dust collector, cone crusher, or other cement crushersto meet the different production needs of customers.

In the production process, large stones are evenly sent to the jaw crusher by a vibrating feeder for coarse crushing (primary crushing), then sent to the impact crusher by the belt conveyor for secondary crushing. After that, all the stones will be divided into three different sizes on the vibrating screen. The large-sized stone which beyond the specification will be sent back to the impact crusher by the belt conveyor for re-crushing, and then sent to the vibrating screen again forming closed-circuit multiple cycles until the completion of production.

Our stone crushing plant has a high degree of automation. Except for equipment start-up, shutdown, and daily maintenance, the whole plant requires almost no manual operation. Besides, our equipment is easy to maintain. The wearing parts are made of high-strength wear-resistant materials, with a small loss, and long service life, which can bring considerable economic benefits to customers.

This plant has been successfully applied in the crushing processing of limestone, basalt, granite, pebble, and other rocks. The product quality completely reaches the GB14685-2001 standard, which can be regarded as aggregate for high-grade highway, railway, water conservancy, concrete mixing plant, and other industries.

The performance of the stone crushing plant can be judged according to the product quality. There are mainly two quality indexes of crushed stone: the ratio of elongated and flaky particles and the content of the powder. If these two indicators exceed the specified range, the product quality is unqualified and cannot be used in large projects. The quality of crushed stones produced by our crushing plant is in line with the relevant standards. The content of elongated and flaky particles and powder in the crushed stone is very small and the product particle size is uniform, the particle shape is good with no internal crack, the compressive strength is high, and the granular composition is reasonable.

AGICO has large manufacturing workshops and professional processing equipment to ensure the fast and high-quality production of related equipment in the automatic stone crusher plant. In addition, we have more than 20 years of production and sales experience, the products are exported to all over the world, therefore, we can ensure the timely and safe delivery, reducing the time cost of customers.

AGICO provides EPC turnkey projects. It not only includes the manufacture of various specialized equipment in the stone crushing plant but also includes the plant design, onsite installation, real-time commissioning, equipment operation training and usual spare parts service.

Customization is the most basic service our company provides for each customer. We will design the production lines and choose equipment according to customers specific needs on stone specification, output, application, construction environment, etc. Every customer will get their satisfied stone crushing production line here.

Jaw crusher is mainly used for raw material coarse and medium crushing in the cement plant and crushing plant. According to the width of the feed port, it can be divided into three types: large type (feed port is larger than 600mm), the medium type (feed port is between 300-600mm), and small type (feed port is smaller than 300mm). It features small noise, small dust, simple structure, low cost, which is the idol choice for raw material crushing.

Impact crusher can handle the material with side length between 100-500mm and the resistance pressure no higher than 350mpa. It has the advantages of large crushing ratio, low power consumption and long service life. Its discharge size is adjustable, and after crushing, the material presents a cubic shape. As a crushing mill that can finely crush materials, it is widely used in building material, tone crushing, railway, cement, and chemical industry.

AGICO Group is an integrative enterprise group. It is a Chinese company that specialized in manufacturing and exporting cement plants and cement equipment, providing the turnkey project from project design, equipment installation and equipment commissioning to equipment maintenance.

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