i-handbook | schlumberger

i-handbook | schlumberger

i-Handbook, an electronic version of the Field Data Handbook, displays data that helps compute results fast. This eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone practice of first assimilating data and obtaining results using a separate calculator.

An interactive wellbore diagram lets you build a graphical view of the wellbore with drag-and-drop data from the tubular tables. You can define various flow paths in the well. The volumes of defined sections are calculated automatically and displayed on the diagram.

Tubing and casing data tables can be expanded so you can see additional physical properties. You can send data entered in any calculator or a particular wellbore to your team. Correct information is exchanged fast.

A thorough understanding of the treatment and the effects of recommended wellbore actions is communicated through visual, sometimes animated, schematics. You can prepare diagrams illustrating the various combinations of pipe strings. This lets you create realistic, multiple design options in one session.

There is no print feature in the i-Handbook. However, if you right-click on the wellbore diagram (as well as in most of the i-Handbook pages), you'll be able to copy the page content. You can then "paste" what you've just copy in any Windows application that accepts pictures, like Word, WordPad, Excel, and Powerpoint. You can add your own annotation, add a title and date, and then print from there.

The i-Handbook runs only on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. When run on Windows NT, the following error will show up: "'Entry Point Not Found' The procedure entry point AHGetSpecialFolderPathA could not be located in the dynamic link library SHELL#@.dll"

Yes, you can install the i-Handbook on different computers. You can also copy and give the i-Handbook to friends, but you are not allowed to sell it. However we encourage you to get the full version and to sign up to be informed when new versions will be released.

To install i-Handbook, you will need administrator privileges on your computer and will need to run the installer as an administrator. Right click on the i-Handbook.exe file and select Run as Administrator option.

The default installation option of i-Handbook is to start automatically when you start Windows. This option requires i-Handbook to register on Windows to auto start the program, which many new virus scanning tools consider as malicious. You can either create a rule in your virus scan tool to enable the auto start for i-Handbook . Or, alternatively, you can uninstall i-Handbook and install it again without the auto start option. You can still pin it to the Taskbar for quick access.

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