mini cement plant for sale | mini cement plant cost | agico

mini cement plant for sale | mini cement plant cost | agico

What is a mini cement plant? Mini cement plant or small cement plant refers to a cement plant with a capacity between 50-500tpd or less size. Why mini cement plant is popular in the cement industry? Mini cement plant meets the different needs of small-scale cement production, saves cost, and gives more options for investor who has a limited budget.

Generally speaking, the cost of a mini cement plant depends on many aspects, such as types of cement equipment used in the cement plant, the capacity of cement plant, cement plant manufacturer selection, etc.

As a professional cement plant manufacturer with plenty of experience in cement plant projects, AGICO CEMENT has built so many cement plants in different countries and regions around the world, we not only offering production line including cement manufacturing plant, cement grinding plant, mobile crushing plant, VSK cement plant, etc. but also supply cement plant equipment such as cement crusher, cement kiln, preheater, vibrating screen, dryer, grate cooler, cement silo, and other necessary cement making machines.

Cement equipment selection is based on the cement manufacturing process, for a mini cement plant buyer, choose reasonable cement equipment, and improve the operation will be beneficial to the cement quality and energy saving.

mini cement plant for sale | small cement production line | agico

mini cement plant for sale | small cement production line | agico

Cement plants with clinker capacity between 50tpd and 1000tpd can be called mini cement plants or small cement plants. Mini cement plants are very popular among small and medium-scale cement manufacturing enterprises since they do not require very large cement production capacities.

Our mini cement plants are designed to adopt the new dry process for cement manufacturing. The equipment in our mini cement plants mainly includes cement crusher, conveying equipment, preheater, rotary kiln, and cement grinding mill.

The cement crusher is the key equipment for raw material crushing. Because the sizes of just mined limestone (raw material for most cement types) pieces are too big, we have to crush them into small particles for cement manufacturing. The cement crushers that can be used in mini cement plants are hammer crusher, jaw crusher, roll crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, etc.

The conveying equipment is an indispensable auxiliary device for material transportation in mini cement plants. Conveying equipment used in mini cement plants include bucket elevator, conveyors, and feeders.

A cyclone preheater is an important machine in new dry process cement plants. In cement production, the preheater uses the flue gas in the tail flue of the kiln to preheat the air in front of the kiln to a certain temperature, generating a heating surface through the internal heat sink, so as to improve the heat exchange performance of the kiln and reduce the energy consumption.

Rotary kiln is the most favorable cement kiln for new dry process cement plants, it is the place where the raw materials are calcined and burnt to cement clinker. The fuel burns in the rotary kiln to generate heat, which heats the materials through gas conduction or radiation. At the same time, as the kiln body rotates continuously according to the designed slope and rotation speed, the raw materials also periodically roll in the kiln and are transported from the feed end to the discharge end. The rotary kiln ensures that the raw materials are calcined into qualified clinker within the time of passing through, and achieves the purpose of high yield, high quality, and low energy consumption.

The hot clinkers discharged from the rotary kiln must be cooled before they can be transported and further processed. Rotary coolers and grate coolers are two types of clinker coolers that are often used in the cement industry today. We recommend rotary coolers for mini cement plants, cause they are more cost-effective in the small-scale cement production business.

The cement grinding mill is used in mini cement plants to grind the clinker from the cement kiln into fine powders. In our mini cement plants, the most used cement grinding mills are cement ball mill, Raymond mill, and vertical roller mill.

Mini cement plants are composed of low-yield equipment which is usually small-sized and covers less area. They can save a lot of land costs for the cement manufacturing enterprises. Small area coverage also leads to more flexibility in location choice. Cement plants can be built near mines where most large and medium-sized cement plants cannot be built, which means they can also help save a lot of raw material transportation fees.

The investment cost of a mini cement plant is lower than that of a medium or large-scale cement plant. It is because that the price of cement manufacturing equipment is relative to their capacities. Cement equipment with higher capacities generally is more expensive. And because the construction process of mini cement plants is simpler, the labor cost is also lower than medium and large-scale cement plants.

The equipment used in mini cement production lines usually possess small sizes, they are more convenient for transporting and assembly. So that the construction speed of mini cement plants is faster than that of large and medium-sized cement plants, which allows enterprises to start production earlier and benefit from the production faster.

AGICO Group has built dozens of cement plants around the world. The outstanding performance of our projects has earned us a high reputation across clients. Contact us for a professional cement plant solution now!

small concrete batching plant, mini concrete mixing plant - camelway group

small concrete batching plant, mini concrete mixing plant - camelway group

Camelway Small-scale Concrete Mixing Plant can be implied from the name, which is a complete set of concrete production equipment with small size,production capacity and specially designed for pint-sized projects has the advantages of lower cost, more spacious space , easier installation,and so on. Without compatible with its miniaturization is the functional maturation, it can be equipped with (semi-)automatic control system.Therefore,it is widely used in more and more ready-mixed and precast concrete factories.

The number of small and medium-sized construction projects is increasing with the obvious development of social economy, and the demand for small-scale concrete mixing plants is increasing day by day. Compared with the traditional stock-sized concrete mixer, the concrete produced by the small-sized concrete batching plant is mixed evenly and in higher quality, which can make the built construction solider and extend its life.

Camelway has been focusing on concrete mixing plants for more than 30 years. The work efficiency of our small-scale concrete batching plant is 15m per hour. It could apply to ready-mixed concrete producing, or to work with other equipments to manufacture prefabricated parts such as concrete blocks, paving stone, interlocking block, utility poles, floor slabs,and so on.

Just like buying a custom computer, a quotation can only be issued after all the configurations are confirmed. Bytelling us the configuration you need, or the use scene, you will get a detailed quotation list in 24 hours.

We understand that price is an important factor in making purchasing decisions, but the purchase of batching plant is not like buying a car. Business negotiations are not only bargaining, we need detailed requirements to produce high-quality equipment for you.

Before your equipment is ordered, you should know the totals for what it will cost, including freight and insurance, to have all the equipment delivered to your exact address or shipping port. We need to specify the exact equipment you are considering to purchase in detail before providing you a freight offer. You would normally obtain an exact freight offer after you have visited me or have seen the equipment in operation. We dont provide freight quotes until we both know exactly what you need and have been quoted on equipment.

Small batching plant is a type of concrete production facilities that include concrete mixer, aggregate batcher, cement silo, ingredients weighing system, control system and other components. It is used to produce high-quality concrete for a long time. However, some users are not looking for such equipment. For micro projects, we have JZC concrete mixer, self-loading mixer, concrete mixer pump as alternatives.

Dear Sir /Madam Please I need the following:- 1 - Small concrete batching plant for our workshop 2- Concrete mixer plant. To optimize production efficiency. Please urgent, with all specifications and machine photo

Hello Dear My name is Nazir from Ghana. we are dealers in machines and equipments and our company have been contracted by a construction company to provide them with small concrete batching plant and concrete truck as well as concrete pumps so we have decided to contact your company and see whether we can come and buy some from We will be glad if your can let us know the various tons you have and the prices Hope to hear from you soon Best regards Nazir

Dear Sir, I am Mahen writing you from Mauritius. I want to have an idea of a small concrete mixing plant. Can you please quote me for the smallest concrete mixing plant you have. Awaiting your price. Regards

We are interested in your mobile concrete batching plant + 1 silo + computerized system + others to complete the operational plant. to be set up and running in Sarawak, Malaysia. Please revert back to us regarding the pricing, delivery details and pricing, testing and commissioning, operation and maintained support.

Dear, Good Morning to you. Our company is finding a station and mobile plants mixing concrete batching plants. The general information of plant are as follows; Station plant capacity - 25 or 26 meter cubic per hr Mobile plant capacity - 4 and 7 meter cubic per hr We would like to request quotations with CIF Yangon price and product specification of each plant. We just hurry, so please reply and contact us as soon as possible. We will be waiting for your reply. Thanks.

We are a greek marine construction company and we are interested in buying a small on site concrete batching plant for producing concrete in a small island that no other resource exist. We require a day production of 85m. and the total quantity is 3205 m. please for your proposal and quatation.

automatic vsk cement plant vertical shaft kiln cement plant | agico

automatic vsk cement plant vertical shaft kiln cement plant | agico

The VSK cement plant is always a good solution for small and medium scale cement manufacturing. It features small floor occupation, low capital investment, and easy installation. AGICO provides vertical shaft kiln cement plants from 50 TPD to 300 TPD. In our plants, we adopt modern vertical shaft kilns, which has a high degree of energy-saving and automation, meanwhile, it can make full use of cheap energy as the main fuel, especially waste gas. Besides, we also equip the plant with other quality cement equipment and provide different production solutions for customers to choose from.

The VSK cement plant manufacturing process is divided into six steps: raw material crushing, raw material proportioning and grinding, raw meal blending and homogenization, clinker calcination, cement grinding, and cement packing. Each step is crucial and indispensable.

Cement clinker features an irregular spherical shape. They should be ground by the cement mill to reach the fineness of the cement product. Adding some mixed materials in this step will help to realize different application requirements.

AGICO Group is an integrative enterprise group. It is a Chinese company that specialized in manufacturing and exporting cement plants and cement equipment, providing the turnkey project from project design, equipment installation and equipment commissioning to equipment maintenance.

wall putty manufacturing plant - wall putty manufacturing machine - aimix

wall putty manufacturing plant - wall putty manufacturing machine - aimix

The wall putty manufacturing plant is professional production equipment that mixes raw materials such as double fly powder, gypsum powder, carboxymethyl fiber powder, retarder, and thickener into a putty powder and realizes its continuous production.

Aimix dry wall putty making machine can produce inner wall putty and outer wall putty by adjusting the proportion of raw materials; interior wall series: ordinary putty, mirror putty, nano sterilizing putty, humidity filter putty, negative ion putty.

The basic work flow of a typical wall putty manufacturing machine is as the follows: raw material storage metering ingredients material mixing and agitation finished product packaging, as well as raw material delivery, lifting and dust removal equipment in the putty powder production process.

1. Raw material storage equipment Cement silos are usually used for storing bulk raw materials, generally using tank design, and using tank car loading. When the project is constructed, small storage tanks for raw materials, such as rubber powder and additives, need to be added. 2. Dosing device: It consists of a hopper weighing scale, screw conveyor, discharging device, micro material adding device, and computer control system. It can automatically measure different raw materials according to the formula, reduce labor intensity and environmental pollution, and ensure the quality of the putty powder. 3. Mixer: Mixers are available in a variety of options such as double helix cone mixers, colter mixers, ribbon mixers, twin-shaft paddleless gravity mixers, etc. The requirements for the putty powder mixer are uniform mixing, no dead angle, high efficiency, wear resistance of the equipment, and fast discharge speed. Among the above mixers, widely used in the wall putty manufacturing plants are multi-axis blade-free gravity mixer and colter mixer. Recommended: Gravity-free mixer suitable for dry powder mixing, you can also add flying knife as required. Coulter Mixer suitable for mixing and dosing with fiber materials. 4. Packaging machine: There are two types: open pockets and valve pockets. Usually, wall putty powder adopts the valve pocket packaging machine, because the valve pocket packaging does not need to be slit, just one person can operate, the cost of the bag is slightly higher, but the packaging speed is fast. The open-pocket packaging scale can pack a variety of materials, but it needs to be slit after bagging. Relatively speaking, the cost of the bag is slightly lower (the bag can be recycled), but the packaging speed is slower. This packaging machine requires one more operator than the valve pocket packaging machine. 5. Dust collector: It is used to recycle dust from the wall putty manufacturing plant and is environmentally friendly. It is generally located at the top of the cement silo, at the feed port of the hoist, etc. Recommended equipment: pulse dust collector 6. Conveying and lifting equipment: The material conveying methods used in the wall putty manufacturing plant are: horizontal conveying and vertical conveying, horizontal conveying can adopt screw conveyor, vertical conveying generally adopts bucket elevator.

The wall putty making machine price varies depending on the output and the degree of automation. Aimix is a professional wall putty making machine manufacturer and exporter in China. We have a professional team for design, configure, sales, possible transform, and upgrade of the equipment according to your demand. If you are interested in this wall putty manufacturing machine, please dont hesitate to contact usor leave a message in the form below.

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